Come on you Marinaleda.

So why do you keep starting paragraphs with so, it ain’t proper English and you’d never have queenie starting her blogs with so. And should there be a question mark at the end of the previous sentence as the first half was a question but segued after the comma to a statement, maybe a commical question mark is needed? And yet, so has become increasingly prevalent at the beginning of sentences and is what is known in the writing trade as a ‘discourse marker’ I have simply taken things a stage further and use so at the beginning of paragraphs, not merely sentences, I am an affected writer. And, as I attempt to create discourse with my writing, rather vainly for a while though and even Kate who disagreed with something what I wrote the other day couldn’t be arsed to post a reply, I like the idea of using so as a discourse marker. Even if it’s a discourse between myself.

So, poor moanrinho will have to “change everything” with regard to how he does his job. Perhaps he’ll grow up a little from his underachievement as a player and start behaving in a more respectful manner. Perhaps he’ll even be in the vanguard of getting the professional soccer game to grow up a little?

Have noticed a new mood developing within my fevered little brain of late and it seemed to crystallise more only this morning. It is one of taking delight in my existence; that because I am still existing that for as long as I exist I will endeavour to appreciate and take pleasure from all the lovely things in life. This new mood seems to have coincided with the effervescence that is happening in my mouth, what with salivary gushings and even more tasty stuff happening. Currently I am experiencing what feels like a constant taste fest in my gob. I’m salivating even more as I contemplate trying a new Ottolenghi egg dish for brunch today and a bottle of valpolicello ripasso tonight with Hector and his chick before we go to a psychedelic happening. I’ll just pop in to check what my condition my condition is in.

So read about what I think is a really interesting concept called ‘body mapping’ from a linkedin link from my old friend Tarisha:   Keep on Tarisha you hippy chick.

What has been happening and is happening in our increasingly benighted land is a massive social ossification as the kleptos steal more and more and create ever widening inequality. As Mr Piketty argues in his Capital book there is massive appropriation of capital to those who already have it as they steal more than the economic output of countries. So this leads to the perpetuation of stuff such as rich parents sending their progeny to the ‘top’ private schools, who then garner places at ‘top’ universities’ (and already the tts are proposing that ‘top’ universities can charge even more), then pay for their pampered progeny to have unpaid internships at the ‘top’ workplaces so the process becomes a closed loop and bye bye any opportunity for those not born to the kleptos. That’s why we need Martin’s proposal for getting rid of inheritance. It’s the only reason that jeremy *unt is the health secretary.

And, as Tony Judt puts forward in ‘Ill Fares the Land’, this leads to increasing distrust. Trust is very important as a social cohesive and is greater amongst those who have stuff in common: ” The more equal a society, the greater the trust” and if there is greater commonality then there are more similar ‘moral outlooks’. The kleptos are immoral, they have no intentions to create a more just or moral world.

And yet there are beacons of hope, one such is Marinaleda, In 1977 after the death of franco the townsfolk of Marinaleda began a process of taking the land for themselves and establishing a co-operative. It has been very successful in so many ways and their pay ratio? Not the obscene amounts our kleptos have but no more than 3:1, so the ‘richest’ earns no more than 3 times the poorest. How about that mr saleem?

So retaking the land for the common weal would be a start.

So come on mr drax do the right thing, oh you already are doing the ‘right thing’ you’re a tt.

And why do soccer managers no longer have any onus?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



2 thoughts on “Come on you Marinaleda.

  1. So I have also pontificated on the strange phenomena of words and phrases becoming common parlance in terms of their use (see what I did there!). I thought it was something that teenagers just, like, did.


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