Our country cannot survive the evil tories.

So, I plan to do stuff and not keep writing this bollocks but then I read about something and I get ired up and just can’t resist:

It’s become common economic parlance to talk and write about ‘economic indicators flashing red’. A few short months into the first totally tory government for a while and there are a whole host of indicators flashing red for our country.

First up our national health service. Very bright red lights are flashing here as 75% of hospitals are running deficits and yet are forced by government dictat to operate a ‘financial surplus’. So, if they have a deficit they are forced to cut staff and services, so they miss their ‘targets’ so they are then penalised financially which causes a larger deficit and so the economic madness intensifies. An NHS trust director rarely stays in the job for more than a year. Increasing numbers of medical staff are emigrating to countries where they are trusted and valued more (trusted and valued more by their employers, i.e. compared to the tt government, not the people they serve). Vast sums are paid to private companies because of the appalling ppi. More and more services are privatised and many private companies, especially american ones, are waiting in the wings. The already very wealthy jeremy *unt doesn’t understand the term ‘negotiate’. There is one very simple reason for the current parlous state of our NHS and that is the underfunding that has happened for the last 5 years, which, I believe, coincides with condom features pig fucker becoming pm. The tts are destroying one of the most civilising things about our country.

Second up, within months of their unexpected election win s&m puts forward tax credit cuts which will impoverish the ‘hard working folk’ they talk so fondly of. Suddenly, as the rather thin veneer of the veil is lifted for many, people realise what the tts are really about. This was beautifully summed up by that poor woman on Question Time who said she’d voted for the tts and now calls shame on them. And we have the really ironic situation of the unelected house of lords making a sensible decision. And the unedifying sight of the likes of the very wealthy andrew lloyd webber flying in from New York to vote for s&m’s hammering of the poor. And do people actually believe them when they say they are the party of the workers? We really are in newspeak land with that bollocks.

Thirdly this austerity bollocks. It’s only austerity for the vast majority, not the kleptos. And it is actually a very simple correlation as the money that is taken from state spending, which might be called our ‘common wealth’, is stolen by the kleptos. This is nicely summed up by mate David Graeber:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxJW7hl8oqM

Basically he states that a reduction in government debt is offset by an increase in private debt which goes into the unfeasibly large pockets of the already rich. What the tts are doing is simply class war, they are carrying out the bidding of the kleptos.

Fourthly, and of course it’s all linked and this example clearly demonstrates things. A recent independent study by Health England highlighted the danger posed by sugar. It has contributed to a significant worsening of the country’s physical and mental well-being. Apart from the obvious increase in obesity there is the well documented explosion on diabetes. It now takes up 10% of the NHS budget. By far the overwhelming factor in type 2 diabetes is obesity. Among a number of recommendations by Health England is a ‘sugar tax’. What is condom features immediate response? Well, his corporate owners tell him to say no to their potentially reduced profits from putting 12 teaspoons of sugar and more into each little can of fizzy death. So, condom features doesn’t even give time to discussion of the report or show any indication of showing a duty of care to the country he is supposed to be leading.

Fifthly, despite evidence of the damage of national over-testing the current incumbent in a long line of ignorant education ministers is reintroducing tests for 7 year olds. So those not already branded failures at 5, get another chance at 7, before those who manage to slip through get branded at 11, and 13, and so on. And don’t get me going on ‘academies’ and ‘free’ schools and private schools.

So, we have another 4 and a half years of tt hell.

Come on Mr Jeremy.

Had a brilliant night with good friends at the psychedelic Tawny’s on Saturday. A little under the weather yesterday.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

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