Our country cannot survive the evil tories part 2.

Sixthly the tts are screwing the chances of ever more people having a decent home to live in. Their continuing drive to get rid of council housing, now alongside housing associations being forced to ‘marketise’ their stock. More newspeak with the tts use of the term ‘affordable housing’, it being 80% of ‘market rates’. A mere £400,000+ in London. We have a shared equity mortgage and today I found out that the highest paid executive of the company, a housing association called ‘Places for People’ earns £481,500. Now to my jaundiced eye that heaps immorality upon immorality as those who are supposed to be for the people exploit the people and take the kleptos shilling. Oh how we need a modern day Cicero to rip the kleptos and the tts veils asunder and reveal to all the mendacity, the theft, the dishonour.

Seventhly as the Paris climate change talks approach the ‘greenest ever government’ of condom features cuts back on all of their already paltry ‘green measures’. As they say, so many red warning lights flashing on the climate front. Instead they mortgage our country’s future to the French and Chinese with their dodgy nuclear power stations.

Eigthly (sorry another education one, but it is dear to my heart) they start reintroducing grammar schools. Don’t you worry you grammar school loving folk, the sevenoaks ‘annexe’ won’t be the last, already other places will be preparing to create new ones.

Ninthly the tt lord coe is up to his neck in the latest sporting bag of bollocks. Can we trust any sport? I have my suspicions about the local shove ha’penny league. And with regard to sport, apparently the England rugby kit man recommended a company’s shares to players earlier this year as a sure fire money maker. A number, especially Sam Burgess, bought significant amounts at over £3 a share, they’re now worth around 50p. Now I am surprised that a northern lad of rugby league after spending a little time with the splendidly run rfu of englandshire has already pissed off back to league.

Tenthly, and lastly for now, I grew up reading the likes of Bertrand Russell pontificating on a future where technology reduces the need for manual work and the like, produces all, or most of, our needs and we work less and have more time for leisure and cultural activities. But what do we get with this tt shower? Longer working hours for those in work and demonisation of the ‘skivers and shirkers’. They increase inequality, divide and rule, and offer so little worthy vision of the future.

And people vote for them?

Thanks to my lovely wife for her recent comments on having a female Bond, and I am persuaded that we can, and probably should have a female Bond. The power of discourse.

ooh, I am in a ranty mood this week, for a change. Still the travails of moanrinho bring a smile to my face.

Tried sleeping without a pillow last night as one of the crabby crew said it helped with his sore neck. I hardly slept but will keep trying.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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