Quel horreur

So, I’m listening to the wireless and a ministerial tt, one mr vaizey (st pauls and merton), was talking about tory ineptitude in developing telephonic improvements (it’s such a myth they’ve created about their mastery of economic and business stuff) when he said “we’ll just keep on keeping on”. I was miffed.

Usual English bollocks trying to find a replacement for Stuart Lancaster as England’s head coach. It’s a replacement for the rfu we need. As a Mr Orwell once wrote:  ‘A bomb under the West car park at Twickenham on an international day would end fascism in England for a generation.’

Well, a Ms Paris Lees was on Question Time the other night and very good she was too. She’s a transgender journalist and campaigner and she was sat between two very unpleasant men: tt sajid javed and nuttall of the ukippers. She unsettled them both and it was a joy to watch. She was very tactile and touched them both on their arms a few times, nuttall in particular was very discomfited by this.

So I think I’ve had my first bit of trolling from the jezzabot via twitter with my blog entitled ‘our country can’t survive the evil tories part 2’. I think he simply trolls around finding stuff he thinks is unthinking ‘corbynista’ stuff. Sent him packing with a few bon mots.  I’d forgotten that I’d set up a twitter account in 2010 under the moniker ‘monsieurlesponge’ and I’ve got 3 followers! Jonathan, Gillian and Thomas.

Watched a very good series, Unforgotten, in one hit last night. Like having a box set. One thing that I really liked was that the boss policewoman actually told her team what they had to do in the briefings. So often I watch briefings in which they just go through what’s happened and who’s involved and then they all go off to do what? Would be mildly amusing to have a sketch with them all going off and looking bemused or wandering aimlessly or going to the pub or whatever.

Got my next checkup on Tuesday so the old anxiety levels will start rising. This time last year the effects of treatment were really beginning to kick in. Will update on Wednesday or whenever.

So isis or daish spread their absolute evil. Listened to a young French woman today talk so beautifully and eloquently about Liberty, Liberte. For me she summed up much of what underpins this current war or jihad (western ‘intervention’ notwithstanding). Whilst I have no truck with western style rapacious exploitative capitalism there is relative freedom: of thought, religion, assembly, sexual and speech. isis and significant elements of Islamic folk impose, or attempt to impose, a very rigid, authoritarian and very male system. For example I’ve long thought about the hajib and the burkha and I’m against it, it is men telling women what to wear (I know many Moslem women ‘choose’ to wear it). They are relatively intolerant of other faiths, especially other sects within their own religion! But such has been and is the nature of many religions. But what Islam has not experienced as the other major religions have is a reformation or similar. However various nations respond to isis will probably only increase their power and influence. But perhaps if the rest of the world somehow get the Islamic sects to sort their relationships out through some form of reformation we could then move on to try and sort out all the other shit. Maybe Moslems could do it themselves.  Duncan the peacemaker, what a twat.

And also all this terrorist shit is a good argument against having nuclear weapons. Never mind castigating Mr Jeremy about whether he would ‘press the button’, ask condom features and co when and why they would press the button.

So death has parted us from Warren Mitchell, maybe a similar programme like ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ with an isis character in the lead would show their absurdity, ignorance, racism and bigotry.

Coe must go.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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