Why are my comments still being ‘pre-moderated’ in the Grauniad?

Why have wordpress just changed their format so that us old bloggers are temporarily confused?

Why does humanity continue to perpetrate the same old bollocks?

Why do people vote for the tts?

Why did the first and only time that music led the way in counterculture coincide with the first and only time that England win the world cup?

Why do we listen to middle-aged, privately educated white men?

Why is condom features such a twat?

Why didn’t I look behind me when I was reversing today?

Why, when they felt ripe, did the avocadoes prove unripe when I cut them open today?

Why is being a parent so hard?

Why do those with power behave so badly towards their fellow human beings?

Why does ofsted exist?

Why do I no longer have any faith in sport?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.





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