Yes we can have a better housing policy in Britain.

So I saw a very personable doctor yesterday who’s doctored me during my crabby stage and in many ways it was my most satisfying appointment to date. Whilst I had my usual anxiety I approached the consultation with a certain equability. For the first time I didn’t allow myself to get too distracted by thoughts of the unpleasant camera down the nose procedure, or apprehensive apprehensions of impending doom. It greatly helped that I only had to wait a few minutes. Also that it was just one of the medical team and, as I mentioned, a personable doctor who’s manner maintained my feelings of ease.

I asked him to use my more capacious left nostril to stick the camera down and even when I began to gag I did not allow it to stop the procedure until the doctor had seen enough. He was pleased and saw no adverse stuff. Spoke about seeing me next in 3 months, but this was amended as I’m due a 6 monthly MRI scan, so next check up in January.

Le docteur also said I’d had my last treatment on Christmas Eve last year and he said Christmas must have been shit, well maybe he didn’t say shit, but the sentiment was there. I said how we were planning to have a good one this year to make up for last year. I even bought some christmassy Scandinavian style decorative pot pourri stuff from Waitrose yesterday, what has come over me?

So poor old Mr Jeremy being berated by all sides, including his own. It is a little worrying that in distressing times like now that any expressions that might be deemed unpatriotic or contrary to the dominant narrative are not allowed to be countenanced. And yet there is a fucking great pachyderm in the room. Only last month condom features, the US government and others were very clearly stating that Russian military intervention in Syria would lead to more extremism and terrorist acts. A Russian airliner was then blown up. Lo and behold there is outrageous horror perpetrated in Paris but anyone who dares to equate Western intervention in Syria, Iraq, Libya and so on with terrorist responses is, like Mr Jeremy, immediately abused and disabused. As Mehdi Hasan writes today our bombs cause a backlash as well, and also: “Yet we avert our gaze from the “glaringly evident” and pretend that “they” – the Russians, the Iranians, the Chinese – are attacked for their policies while “we” –Europe, the west, the liberal democracies – are attacked only for our principles. This is the simplistic fantasy, the geopolitical fairytale, that we tell ourselves. It gives us solace and strength in the wake of terrorist atrocities. But it does nothing to stop the next attack”.

And an interesting letter from a Jenny Zinovieff about the difference between Paris and London re housing. In Paris they still create ‘social housing’ and really do practice ‘affordable rents and house prices’. For example the city recently purchased a huge site called caserne de Reully in central Paris. It will be developed, retaining the historic buildings with 50%, yes de pfeffel twat face and co that’s about a half, for social housing, 20% managed rentals and the rest market rentals. And guess what? This will allow for a vibrant, diverse community. So there is an alternative to the housing and land based kleptomania of this country.

I’m missing the old format of this wordpress new post writing site, they changed it without asking me just the other day and it may well be ‘better’ but I have to learn new stuff and the word count’s disappeared so I’ve no idea for how long I’ve rambled on.

There is some justice in the kleptopic world as cambian’s share price has plummeted this last month. Means that mr saleem’s stolen shares are now worth about £3m less. Shouldn’t he be sacked, as share price is how ceos are judged? Let’s ‘ask saleem’.

Time for some good old blasphemous Kliban:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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