Instant Justice

Sometimes in life there can be instant justice. This happened just the other evening. On Swanage High Street there is a spot where parked cars on one side mean that it’s effectively a single lane. Driving etiquette gives traffic going into town on the opposite side to the parked cars right of way. We were driving out of town and I stopped before the parked cars as a car was approaching. The driver behind wouldn’t wait, pulled out and drove past us causing the oncoming car to stop. They then pulled into a gap between the parked cars, luckily there was one, to allow the oncoming car to pass.

As I was letting out a few expletives I noticed in the rear view mirror that a police car was now behind us, so the twattish driver had performed his  (for the driver was a man) manoeuvre right in front of a police car. After we drove past the parked cars the policeman (for it was a male police person) put on the blue lights, overtook us and stopped the impatient car driver.

As we drove by the policeman was talking to the twat. Kate and I both smiled, instant justice.

So Kate suggested I contact Martin to see if he wanted to meet up in New York, quite why she thought he might be in the Big Apple bemused me. Anyway, I sent Martin a text and guess where he was? Unfortunately he is returning just before I go out. Weird eh?

Became an art collector this week; bought a local landscape picture by a Paul Janssens. It’s very different to your typical local landscape pictures, I love it, Kate is slowly getting to like it.

Going to cut down on the amount of ‘red’ meat I eat after reading George Monbiot’s piece today. Apparently livestock numbers are increasing twice as fast as human ones. They consume ever increasing amounts of cereals which are and will cause greater human starvation. A recent report suggests meat consumption is “the leading cause of modern species extinction”. All this livestock is producing incredible amounts of waste and this is polluting land, rivers and seas. And they are extremely flatulent, producing more greenhouse gases than all the world’s motorised transport.

As someone writes in the Grauniad today because people wishing to emigrate to Britain need to speak English surely those Brits wishing to emigrate to Spain, Portugal, Greece and so on need to speak the local lingo too. Only fair.

Watched the first episode of London Spy last night, very explicit male gay sex scene, Kate reckoned it to be the most explicit man on man action she’d ever seen on screen.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




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