Whither the good old BBC with these tts in power?

How ya’ doin’? So we’re sat watching tennis, the Davis Cup final, on a Saturday afternoon. It’s Britain against Belgium, brilliant stuff. Having the nationalist element really adds to the occasion and I’m really getting into it. It’s on BBC1 (with snooker on 2), a Saturday afternoon and feels like a real throwback to pre-murdoch days. Having just had a few days in Manhattan and experiencing their TV it feels even better. One time I flipped through over a dozen channels on my hotel room TV and there were ads playing on every one, I turned it off. There is some good stuff on Yankland TV however I find it hard to watch with such an overwhelming amount of ads. And so much is now fucking fox shit. It all makes watching the good old BBC sweeter. But for how much longer with the tts having it in their evil sights?

And the Murray Boys have just broken les Belges in the fourth set being 2 sets to one up.

Anyway, I had a great time Stateside and it was so very good spending time with my uncle Barry, it was great to see him. I also really enjoyed meeting his good friends Bob, Charlotte, Liam and Rex.

And the Murray Boys have just broken again and Murray Senior is serving for the match. Heady days for British tennis. And the Murray Boys have just won.

It’s Monday now and this blog is spreading over a few days which sort of goes against the typical immediacy of blogging. Perhaps I am experiencing some form of jet lag which is manifesting as blog lag.

Watched Mr Murray win yesterday, why do so many English folk dislike him? Probably their incipient racism fed by the murdoch inspired media. And the nationalist support really began to piss me off with their inane, boorish chanting, but that’s the way we’re being funnelled. I was pretty boorish at a fund raising quiz on Saturday night but I did enjoy emitting a loud boo when nobo’s face came on the screen.

Anyway, I am mainly currently struck by what appears to my fevered brain massive cognitive dissonance which I’m increasingly of the opinion is a symptom of end-stage hyper capitalism (I just made that term up). Examples are everywhere but a couple of the more egregious.

A few years ago we were apparently in the midst of ‘global financial meltdown’ brought about by a relatively few people being extremely greedy, villainous and shameless. It would appear that the response has been to not only continue with the system that brought this situation about but reinforce it and reward the perpetrators even more. All the many billions, if not trillions, of monetary units that went to these kleptos to ‘bail out’ the system paid for by all us taxpaying dupes. Almost all media analysis is given by these kleptos and it is as if we’re in a hall of mirrors and distortion is heaped upon distortion. This is one of the reasons Mister Jeremy is being treated the way he is, and sadly most vitriolically by members of his own team, the so-called ‘moderates’, because he is trying to offer an alternative. The bible for many of the kleptos is a book by one ayn rand called ‘atlas shrugged’ which basically preaches greed is good. Ironically she ended life poor and reliant on state welfare for her medical treatment, much like these kleptos who require state welfare when their ponzi schemes go tits up.

The other current example is the hysteria surrounding responding to isis. condom features is really pissed off because he can’t yet join the ‘big boys club’ and become a war leader and bomb Syria. I think that there is now sufficient evidence that bombing does not achieve it’s purported aims and increases the likelihood of further terrorism. It is so mind bogglingly stupid that one can only surmise that they are doing it deliberately and ‘big brother world’ gets ever nearer.

One looks for some sense amidst this sea of cognitive dissonance and one I’m currently looking at is a book called ‘Trouble in Paradise’ by a Mr Slavoj Zizek. One story he writes of is that after he lost power Gorbachov went to visit Willy Brandt but Brandt refused to see him. The story goes that Mr Willy was pissed off with Gorbachov for the end of soviet Russia, not because he was some sort of communist but that he saw it as the end of the West European Social Democratic welfare state. With no serious threat of an alternative the capitalists feel they have free reign to exploit even more and we have the rise of the kleptos. So we have the tts and s&m osborne so zealously dismantling the welfare state before our eyes.

Anyway, my uncle Barry’s mate Liam puns almost as much as Mr Hector and it would be fun the two of them having a ‘pun off’.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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