On relearning to breathe.

I think I mentioned a few blogs ago about how in my formative years I frequently heard and read about how living in communist or socialist countries meant everyone looking the same. On my recent visit to New York, arguably the centre of modern day capitalism, offered up a viewing of the ‘everyone not looking the same appeal of capitalism’, to the capitalist god called ‘choice’. On the bus drive into town I realised that so many of the vehicles looked the same, that the traffic was the same as in almost any city in the world, certainly the ‘western world’. So many cars of the same or similar design and similar colour. Boring. I remember being there in the mid 70’s and getting a frisson of excitement seeing the very different, dare I say iconic, designs of American cars.

And then wandering the streets of Manhattan and looking in the male clothes shops, especially Bloomingdales where I was briefly disorientated on the men’s floor and started feeling somewhat disturbed as I couldn’t find my way out. All those ‘famous labels’ and such little variety in colour. To my eyes it seemed that over 90% of clothing was black or colours close to black, much the same on the streets. Black is the new black. Boring, (although I wore predominantly black, hypocritical shiraz socialist that I am).

So Kate kindly donated her appointment with Marcus the osteopath today as I’ve been experiencing greater neck pain. He soon located and diagnosed the problem areas and told me what’s been happening and that writing this bleedin’ blog is largely to blame for recent developments. This is another area you’re not told about post-treatment, maybe because they don’t know whoever they are. Also he noticed another irregularity in my breathing probably brought about by the damage done to my abdominal muscles by the feeding tube I had. Again an area that could be improved as part of recuperation.

So Marcus’ treatment involves improving, or actually reactivating, my diaphragmatic breathing. This type of breathing is apparently much better for you anyway, it plays a big part in many activities such as yoga and t’ai chi. As I’ve already tried yoga and Mr Hector and me were soon relegated to the remedial group (we were the only ones in it) I’m going to be a t’ai chiist. I also played me sax this afternoon and it felt like it was the best I’ve played it since I bought it, probably down to my improved breathing.

Marcus also spoke about Vojta Therapy, which seems to be about applying pressure on certain parts of the body with the recipient in certain positions. It’s primarily used on those with motor problems so maybe, considering me and my crabby friends all experienced motor problems, it might be useful in the rehabilitation of some crabby critters.

Anyway, in the interests of my wellbeing I’m foreshortening this blog even though I’m keyboarding in a very upright position with my head back. Kate and me off to Venice on Friday. Ciao bella.

keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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