Piss on the dump.


And what about the donald dump stateside? In many ways he’s the sort of person the country deserves as president considering the way the country has evolved but it’s not fair on all the good people that live there. He has inspired some very funny art though:


Just having a little rest after helping Mike who’s working in our garden to make it a more interesting and partyable space. I removed a few steps and partially dug a tree stump out and I’m knackered. Feel a little down as my body can’t do what it used to be able to do, I know it’s age as well. Little disappointed that I didn’t uncover any bodily remains or long lost treasure.

So mr hilary benn, make a grandstanding speech about bombing even more in the Middle East don’t you? But where’s the equivalent speech about the clear and present danger of global warming (warning?) and the devastation for all those poor folk in Cumbria. Generally, where is the ‘joined-up’ thinking and planning needed to prepare and protect, to keep people safe, which so many tts and hilary went on about as a government’s primary purpose? tiny fallon goes on about the money not spent on flood defences in the towns and villages but this is fuelled by ignorance of the problem. Instead of dealing with the ‘problem’ higher up the hills and mountains the idiots in charge of the asylum think the answer is building ever higher defences lower down where people live. If the hills and mountains had not been denuded of trees, if more ‘natural’ ways of avoiding massive surges of water simply flooding off the land, if people introduce a load of beavers, if we build a few more reservoirs with the add on of some hydro-power stations, if we weren’t so beholden to landowners and ‘financial interests’, if the tts weren’t so intent on class war and ‘slashing’ public monies for the common weal maybe, just maybe………..

Damn, missed out on buying shares in arms companies last week, would’ve made a killing.

And privatisation of ‘public’ education goes on apace. Are people aware of how the tts are really pushing the ‘academisation’ of schools which ‘must belong to a chain’. Of course these chains are pretty much all private and all that ‘running a modern business’ involves: kleptomania by the chief executives and the like, privatised profits to all the shareholders, further impoverishment of teachers and ancillary staff working conditions, little if any accountability. Further appropriation of our common wealth by the kleptos. Come on Mr Jeremy, there is an alternative.

I’m thinking of joining Momentum.

Actually I’ve just joined! www.peoplesmomentum.com

Can’t resist using today’s Steve Bell’s dump cartoon (btw my uncle Barry’s mate Liam the Pun reckons the dump will pull out sooner or later having developed the dump brand)

Steve Bell 09.12.15

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS what have you got against Mr Monbiot Angry Young Man?





One thought on “Piss on the dump.

  1. Trump is brilliant isn’t he? He gets so much publicity just by saying the most outrageous crap and with very little actual cash spend. Why oh why are the morons sucked into his game. Same with fucking idiots and their useful idiots. Just imagine if that Paris kerfuffle got one column inch on page 15 instead of front page. The fucking idiots would be obliged simply to give up. I wouldn’t give them the honour of the label ‘terrorist’. It just plays into their distorted thinking. It comes back to one of my favourite issues – labels:

    I visited Buchenwald and the labelling problem sits right there. You can see quite graphically that as soon as you start labelling groups of people then all sorts of evils follow by default. Even silly things like calling people ‘fathers’ rather than saying that someone ‘has children’ is problematic at the thin end of the wedge because it is essentially de-humanising. Big topic so just a flavour here. BTW, ‘fucking idiot’ is not a label but a descriptor, whereas ‘terrorist’ is a label.

    Have you seen any of Doug Stanhope? My son Tom and I went to see him in Brixton. Quite enjoyed this:

    My problem with George M is that he seems to think he is cleverer than the rest of us. His stuff is not without interest, but I find his tone (and his look) patronising. Also, he stupidly plays into the hands (again) of those he seeks to castigate by using their own pejorative language. For example ‘Neo-Liberalism’ – new and free. I mean, who these days talks about ‘National Socialism’. These expressions are intrinsic lies, making it sound like it is a good thing they are doing when it is the opposite. So the first thing you have to do is NOT use their own lying narrative when referring to them. It is a bit ‘NLP’, but language and narrative are powerful and we need to be careful. So, in short George is not as clever as he thinks he is and that is what is irritating. I don’t get this feeling at all with the lovely David Graeber. Think about it.


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