Coe and Ashley; cut from the same cloth.

Well, I keep saying to myself you must restrict your blogging but I read, see or hear something and the compulsion to write takes over.

So, I was listening to an interview with lord twatface coe on the toady wireless programme and very smooth and polished he sounded, much like his running style. Of course he is defending the indefensible in as much as he has been in a very senior position for many years so to have not known about stuff elicits the usual either he is lying or inept or both. At one point he posited that he wants the iaaf to be “like a ftse 100 company”, what like sports direct, or barclays or any number of corrupt kleptonic companies?

It’s anti-political correctness gone mad. A large pugilist expresses his antediluvian opinions, is rightly questioned about them and we get the predictable troglodyte responses about free speech and PC folk wanting to silence ‘ordinary folk expressing ordinary opinion’. I suspect there’s already more than enough opinionated bollocks on various social media but to express views on and in national media is of a different order, I think? To conflate homosexuality with paedophilia, to state that a womans place is in the kitchen and on her back and the like also to use the bible and his ethnic background as some sort of justification is bollocks. He calls those who object to him as wankers. And sporting commentators, oft noted for their liberalism and knowledgeable objectivity, suck up to the bully praising his magnificent performance against an aging champion not really interested in the fight as if this justifies his abhorrent views. I hope he still appears on the sad charade that is now sports personality of the year and is absolutely trounced in the voting with either Jessica Ennis or the wonderful Andy Murray as worthy winners.

Lovely piece by young Owen Jones today actually extolling the tts illusionary skills; how they consistently, cleverly and in a very simple way give the generally apolitical voters emotional appeal towards their ‘fiscal responsibility’, cracking down on ‘benefit fraud’ and fear of ‘the other’ whilst at the same time presenting their opponents as the opposite. He is correct in that Mr Jeremy and co need to simplify their message and hammer home how mendacious, duplicitous, deceitful, fraudulent and perfidious the tts are.

No sooner do I join a newish Labour group, Momentum, when another comes along called Open Labour, a forum (like that word) to help create  a better quality of debate and political culture in the Labour Party.

Going back to the pretty unpleasant mr ashley of sports direct, it’s the sort of enterprise where Mr Jeremy and co support the workers, get them unionised and the like. I don’t think my individual boycott of their very unpleasant retail outlets will have much effect.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Coe and Ashley; cut from the same cloth.

  1. I continue to enjoy your posts, Duncan : adroit, informative and entertaining ! And love this one……..I know someone who is at the very start of throat/mouth cancer diagnosis – it isn’t confirmed but he is very anxious – and wondered if you might email me with any advice specific to the early stages of diagnosis for this form of cancer. Having nursed someone through breast cancer, I am very familiar with the general territory, and I am reading up online too…… so just feel I could do with a few signposts about the disease specific to this part of the body.


  2. Richard, thanks for the comments re blog, I do worry that it’s a sad vanity affair of mine. Anyway I’d be more than happy to talk/communicate with your unfortunate friend. I’ll get your phone number from Jo, don’t want tt trolls and nutters getting hold of my contact details!


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