Will Moanrinho still be managing chelski when you read this?

So I’ve started an online petition for mourinho to stay at chelski, they really are a lovely couple and I’d now hate to see them separated.

Played pool badly last night but I had a chat with a bloke I’d not met before. I liked him as he laughed about my mourinho petition. He was having a sabbatical from work after having a difficult time with his last business. We got onto talking about sports direct and the ashley klepto. He told me he’d been a store manager with ashley’s previous company and that managers lasted about 6 months before they had to quit before having some sort of breakdown. Can’t help feeling it’s a similar case with cambian, senior managers don’t seem to last long with mr kleptosaria.

Interesting isn’t it, although hardly surprising, as it’s only after the Grauniad exposes ashley and sports direct’s appalling behaviour does anything get done. People must have known what went on before, were happy to take the money and in their complicity are as bad as ashley.

Many years ago, soon after it was introduced, I dubbed the new national curriculum a ‘monolithic load of bollocks’. Today I read a rather more erudite description: “a narrow, regressive programme based on sterile ideas of knowledge transference”. It comes from one of many letters responding to the latest news that schools are currently paying a record £1.3bn for supply teachers (good business for the companies supplying supply teachers, they keep a kleptonic amount of the  monies for the teachers doing the work). So why does the government not do something so that significant amounts of money might saved to be spent on teachers and schools? I really can’t think why?

Actually why don’t schools or LEAs (if they still exist) simply organise a simple system to sort supply teaching? I could set it up in a day or two. They still do in Northern Ireland.

Also as another letter points out there is not a shortage of teachers as there are many thousands who’ve given up, often as a result of being ‘aggressively micro-managed out of their jobs’. Anyone else spot the similarities with ashley and sports direct?

There is a campaign to get companies to have a Fair Tax Payer label, all very laudable. I also think there should be a Pay On Time label for companies who pay their bills to suppliers, sub-contractors and the like on time. Too many companies, like cambian, delay paying their bills and this causes much hardship for folk. Another example is the lovely Liz, who Kate has a reciprocal massage arrangement with. She does classes for the newly taken over local gym which was franchised to a local man and was run well. Now it’s part of a holiday park which in turn is part of a large company. She says it typically takes months to be paid and then only after she has had to pursue things. Apparently every time she talks to someone in the ‘finance department’ it’s someone different. Bit like cambian, bit like so many companies. But as long as the kleptos get their loot, who cares?

I’d just sat down after a terrific lunch in the Yellow Bicycle Cafe in Blandford Forum with Kate’s aunt and uncle when Mike the garden designer knocked on the door with a large load of heavy Indian sandstone. So now I’m even more tired. Still, mustn’t complain as I was a little worse last year.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan



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