The ceo dilemma.

So sadly my mythical petition failed and the special needs one has moved on. A rather revealing photo of him being unrevealing of himself as he left with a hood over his face. Whilst it’s easy for the likes of me to snipe at those in ‘public life’ who are increasingly subjected to media hostility I am glad he is gone. As so often happens in sport any bad or wrong behaviour is ‘excused’ if people are ‘winners’. Having a very old fashioned sense of fair play and justice I have always found it difficult with folk like moanrinho.

And then I read a piece by Mr Shariatmadari about how those who are ‘authentic’ connect with voters and he includes boris de pfeffel twatface in his list. He’s as authentic as the Ming vase in our cupboard: “Kierkegaard made a distinction between inauthenticity and authenticity. Inauthenticity happens when one’s actions ignore the needs of the individual. So, for example, a war general is living inauthentically by ordering troops to their death for “the good of the nation.” This general is sacrificing the immediate needs of the individual for some abstract idea of the greater good. Authenticity happens when a person lives in the moment and is ready for any outcome—with no excuses and no falling back on membership in some group.” Up the buller.

So that eminently authentic gang the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development have just done some research which shows how demotivating it is for workers when their CEO pays himself (occasionally it’s a herself) kleptonic rates. It not only discourages their work but they also think it harms the company’s reputation. Now one thing that gets these kleptos going is ‘reputational risk’ but one doubts that this will outweigh their greed. Interestingly the figures dropped when workers considered their own bosses, partly because of ‘ignorance of their own organisation’, or just another example of cognitive dissonance. But also, I would suggest, because of the so-called tribal effect. So called because I just made it up but I suspect it’s a standard anthropological term.

Now one way of countering the kleptos soaraway remuneration would be to have workers, i.e. those who actually do the work in companies, on the board. I would have loved to have sat at table with kleptosaria and discussed everyones pay at cambian. I suggested it a couple of times to one Stephen Bradshaw, he was director of education for cambian, when he was talking to the school’s workers about stuff, he seemed to think it a good idea. He didn’t last long with cambian and kleptosaria told him he should spend more time with his grandchildren.

I’m a fickle fucker, a few words from Angry Young Man and for the first time in a while I didn’t read Mr Monbiot this week, but having just written this I will and will do so through the prism of Angry Young Man.

So elections in Espagne this weekend here’s hoping Podemos do well. Thing is if they do the euro bastards will do for them like they did with Syriza in Greece. But we do have to resist the rise of the new establishment, as young Owen Jones writes in his book about the establishment “they are amassing wealth and aggressively annexing power in a way that has no precedent in modern times”. Are folk aware, for example, at just how brazenly the tts are changing things to ensure their continuing hegemony? For example they are screwing things up for the Labour Party’s union funding but strangely not their own funding from various financial institutions.

Pleasing to see mr carswell (ukrappers only mp) saying the grinning gargoyle must go.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




2 thoughts on “The ceo dilemma.

  1. Interesting video. Maybe Moanrinho is psychopathic exhibiting high levels of stupidity and showing evidence of verbally violent behaviour, but not physically violent behaviour. Although that could change. I imagine he is tempted by violence. Like Oscar Pisstake. Let’s not give these cunts labels ;-).


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