If you have to hate anyone hate murdoch.

Really disappointed in myself yesterday as I got somewhat overheated with Ruby for not taking her shoes off when she went upstairs on the new carpet. In the overall scheme of things this was perhaps not the most heinous of crimes. On a day when I’ve already listened to and read about the greed and venality of many of our supposed fellow human beings: of banks surprisingly paying so little corporation tax, of the oh so smug tts going to the obnoxious murdoch’s xmas bash (am I the only one who boycotts all I can of his humanity destroying empire?) I come across something that makes me laugh and cry simultaneously:


Her point about the horrendous rise in hate crimes against those who are different is understood so easily when one realises that it’s the likes of murdoch, the fear-mongering tts, the politics of fear and hate, the shock-doctrine of ‘neoliberal’ (sorry angry young man) capitalism, ucrappers and the odious grinning gargoyle, the dump and the kleptos who create the mediums and the spores within which this poisonous disease spreads. Let’s just laugh at the fuckers, followed closely by a pitchfork or two.

Happy christmas everyone.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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