Vote tory get fucked.

Just got word that dear old Narky Marky has a foot of the river Nith streaming through his new joinery workshop.

Vote tory get flooded.

And today I was listening to the jeremy slime show (that’s what Kate calls him) and he was doing heroes and villains of the floods. Now it is heartwarming to hear of folk’s generosity towards their fellow beings. It is also disheartening to hear of ne’er do wells thieving and the like. What I didn’t hear on t’ wireless was anything about the biggest crooks who made such major contributions to the flooding, I refer of course to the kleptos, tts and their ilk.

Since condom features assumed his ‘rightful’ role as leader in 2010 he and s&m osborne have been dismantling the state and state spending (well state spending for poor folk), including flood defences. So never mind ‘fixing the roof etc’ these fuckers didn’t even fix the walls, or the embankments, or anything.

Whilst setting about destroying the state they did of course use state monies to reward their friends, members of their ‘elitist castes’. One egregious example is that of klepto richard bannister (sorry AYM,story courtesy of G. Monbiot) who bought Walshaw Moor, a large grouse shooting estate upstream of Hebden Bridge in 2002. In 2011 a case was brought against the estate for lots of illegal stuff especially burning and draining the land, all to produce more grouse for more kleptos to blast away at with their shooting toys. In 2012 the case was not only dropped but kleptonic bannister was given £2.5m of state aid to pretty much carry on as before. The minister responsible at the time was a tt by the name of richard benyon who also happens to be a grouse moor owner.

So the kleptos with the support of the tts and using our money develop their grouse moors and degrade the land and it’s naturally evolved flood defences.

So as those poor paups are flooded out downstream; their lives, housing and hopes of a happy christmas and new year left soaked and covered in shit, the kleptos and the tts stand literally above them whilst shooting thunderous volleys with their deadly toys at little birds.

Vote tory get fucked.

Keep on keeping on and a happy new year,

love Duncan.

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