Perhaps I shouldn’t read the paper some days because after reading it today I’m left feeling quite sad, as well as the usual anger of course. I feel sad for our children, for the majority of younger folk and certainly all those not born to wealthy parents. Today the tts will probably put through a housing and planning bill that will put the final nail in the coffin of social or council housing. For most of our young folk it will force even more of them to continue the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. condom pig fucker abuses language when he talks of “affordable” housing, it is only affordable to those who earn way more than average wages. Still, slaver drax can make another killing by selling caravans for the paups.

I feel sad because our children are subject to the most managed school system in the world, subject to the tts and kleptos gods of competition and choice. Sadly so many of us don’t understand that this competition and choice bollocks can’t have every school a ‘winner’. They impose this shit on us because they don’t care as they send their progeny to private schools, paid for by wealth extraction from the poor.

I feel sad because competition and choice in the food ‘market’ has dulled our children’s taste buds and they only like the sugary, salty, fatty crap produced by the food corporations. About two thirds of those living in the ‘rich’ countries are obese or overweight. And it’s all down to ‘personal choice’ and nothing, for example, to do with the vast amounts spent by corporations on marketing the obese making crap which helps make the likes of the toadlike sorrell of wpp a very rich man.

And why has s&m osborne suddenly changed his tune about the economy? The smug bastard warns of ‘creeping complacency’, brought about, of course, by his creepy complacency.

And why does condom features not get lambasted for his latest u-turn on allowing his little englanders in the cabinet to campaign to leave the EU and yet poor Mr Jeremy has incessant bollocks written and said about him? This is a rhetorical question. And why are there a load of ministers in a cabinet? Time they came out of the closet.

Amidst the rain laden gloom little shafts of sunlight like in Utrecht and some other Dutch places where all residents are being given a Universal Basic Income. Surely it makes so much sense, is justly humane and would at a stroke rid our benighted society of so many ills. Won’t be allowed by the tts, irredeemably deviant shit, kleptos and the like because they have so much vested interest in the miseries they inflict on others: prisons are big business, ill health is big business, mental ill health is big business, ‘security’ is big business, keeping people fearful is big business, a fear-mongering, scapegoating media is big business, a highly dysfunctional housing market is big business, war is big business.

Good to know that the average ceo klepto has already earned this year way more than than the vast majority of us will earn for the rest of the year. And they have the gall to decry a Universal Basic Income?

Bring back tobacco I say, safer than e-cigarettes.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan




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