Freud’s first slip.

Typical of many folk I’m full of brilliant ideas but rarely actually do anything about them. But sometimes something happens that gives you some impetus and yesterday something happened. I was called quite early by a woman wanting to order my unction. Being fairly early in the morning my chemo addled brain was only just firing and I was talking to someone who spoke quickly, confidently and assertively. I just about managed to get through the conversation and returned to bed with my coffee. Slowly what the woman had said seeped into my consciousness and my mojo began motoring.

Kate and I had sold the unctions a while ago at Bath artisan market and this woman had bought the unction primarily for her daughter who sadly suffers from acne. Apparently she uses it as a ‘hot cloth cleanser’ and it works better than much more expensive stuff! And it moisturizes. And it smells great. And she’s the first to contact me through the website. And she’ll be the first to buy some this way which I have to post.

So 2 birthdays ago Kate bought me a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino 2007 (a good year), my favouritest wine and quite expensive and we haven’t drunk it yet because stuff has happened. Well, we decided that we’ll drink it tonight and I’m cooking Bistecca Fiorentina to eat with it. I’m a little anxious as I rarely cook beef/steak very well and it’s a thick piece of T-bone, or sirloin on bone, or porterhouse and it should be done on an outdoor grill which we haven’t got and it should be eaten rare which Kate has never done, because if it’s done more than rare then the Brunello will be no good and we’d have to drink some slightly inferior South American wine. But there’s a thick piece of fat on it and it comes from a Red Ruby Devon, so Kate will be eating Ruby.

Mike of Elementree has finished our new patio with a very stylish wood and glass sort of balustrade, which is at the perfect height to rest an elbow whilst ignoring the new drinking guidelines. Kate has just handed me today’s post (we’re very old fashioned) and it includes my new Wine Society share certificate, perfect timing as I write about the the government’s latest drink limits bollocks. Again fear is weaponised against us: if you drink alcohol you are a bad person and you hate babies. Anyway I thought the tts were against state intervention? You twat Duncan, can’t you write even one blog without having politics in it?

Appears not.

And CBT as it conquers the counselling and psychological world is being seriously questioned, some of us knew this a while ago. Whilst Freud’s stuff may be questionable he was certainly on to something and I think it’s good that psychoanalytical perspectives are gaining traction again. What does KFC stand for? Kentucky Freud Chicken. It’s motherfucking good.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

6 thoughts on “Freud’s first slip.

  1. Excellent stuff Duncs. So, personal responsibility rules as far as the new drinking guidelines are concerned eh? The ‘government’ really are stupid cunts if they think we the proletariat are fooled by this shitty propaganda. They should learn from the master Joseph G. He said the golden rule of propaganda is to never make it boring 😉


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