An epidemic of NMF sweeps the land

Annoyed again with myself yesterday as I couldn’t find a small sheaf of papers with my appointment letters and blood test form. Kate and I were in the process of sorting a couple of rooms out and moving a lot of furniture and stuff in a fairly confined space so when I first realised I didn’t know where the papers were I became angry about the process. This soon transferred to anger about my basic inability to keep paperwork in any sensible order (Kate and many of my former teaching assistants will attest to this).

What I did do, though, was apportion responsibility where it resiled i.e. with me. This, I humbly think, is at odds with what is happening elsewhere in the land. I dub this an epidemic of Not My Faultitis (NMF). I have written about and long known that the likes of ceos are apparently recompensed with wealth and power because they have responsibility. Seems to me that there’s been an inverse relationship as their wealth increases their responsibility decreases.

Now this NMF is reaching epidemic levels across all peoples. I’m sure many parents will be used to hearing the almost constant refrain from their offspring of “it’s not my fault”. The same childish approach is used by so many in positions of power. When things go tits up or corruption is exposed they use the equivalent of “it’s not my fault” by claiming they were unaware of what was happening. For example sebastian tt coe, despite being among the senior echelons of the iaaf, had “no idea of the scale of corruption”. So he joins the lengthening list of the supposed leaders of banks, parliament, church, media, police, corporations who “didn’t know”. Well what the fuck were you doing? If you weren’t actually part of the corruption and were actually unaware you are actually incompetent and not fit for purpose.

Now s&m osborne is taking NMF to a more absurd level as stuff hasn’t even happened and yet he’s getting in his NMF excuses before the impending economic crash. He was very quick to blame the 2007/8 financial crash on Labour and obviously he has no responsibility for the next one despite the fact he’s been in charge for quite a while. And he’s been an absolute disaster at managing the economy and most certainly hasn’t fixed anything whilst the sun has been shining out of his arse. And people think the tts can be trusted with ‘economic management’? Bollocks.

Apparently one of the biggest concerns of all these twats is what is called ‘reputational risk’ and in another glaring example of ‘cognitive dissonance’ their NMF only serves to lower their reputations.

Interestingly alongside the rise of NMF has been a concomitant rise in what I think is called the ‘blame culture’. Whenever something bad happens there is an immediate media clamour to find someone or something to blame. This immediacy leads very quickly to simplistic responses which are typically ignorant and soon lead to or reinforce particular narratives which drown out other possibilities at the expense of understanding or proper appreciation.

There are daily examples and many of them are currently directed at Mr Jeremy.

This media immediacy also brings about increasing absurdity. I was very saddened about Bowie’s death and in the evening switched to Channel 4 news as Jon Snow had tweeted something that mirrored my feelings and I wanted to watch and listen to their take on Bowie’s death. I soon became saddened in a different way as much was bollocks. For example the estimable Paul Mason stuck in Brixton saying “there are literally tens of people here”.

And then I was listening to the jeremy slime show and a woman called julia heartless-brewer deriding those like myself who’d cried about Bowie’s death and she equated it with the response to diana’s death!

Anyway I signed a Mr Danny Rapscallion’s (his real name?) petition to rename Mars after David Bowie.

And the absurdity keeps on coming as pigfuckercondomfeatures talks of ‘parenting classes’ and ‘bulldozing sink estates’ and ‘social opportunity’ and ‘child poverty’ and ………………………


And Steve Bell nicked my renaming of the radio 4 toady programme but he does capture their toadiness beautifully in his current  strip, time harrumphries moved on.

And the Bistecca Fiorentina was delicious and matched the Brunello perfectly, writes the Sangiovese Socialist.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Blog awaiting editorial editing from Hector.




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