pm jism flavouring

The sporting world was rocked to it’s already shaky foundations today as corruption has been revealed in the Swanage Pool League. A player with The Globe B team has admitted to receiving a bribe to throw his match against the conservative club c team (this club is known locally as the con club, an apposite name which can be applied more generally). He said he’d taken payment in the form of a couple of pints and a bag of pork scratchings (jizzingly flavoured with essence of  prime ministerial ejaculate, what a tosser). lord twat coe has said he’s the man to clean up this messy business. Tomorrow night’s game is still planned to take place but storm clouds are gathering over Swanage Bay.

Just returned from my MRI scan, as I’ve written before it is a very weird experience lying in this enormous white electromagnetic which makes a succession of strange, somewhat unsettling noises. Like other procedures like CT scans and X-rays there can be some DNA damage and perhaps the slight possibility of causing cancer, a little irony there. But iron would definitely cause damage to the machine and possibly the patient being it’s magnetic material in an enormous electromagnet.

I wore my *ankers T-shirt, not to deliberately display it as I wore a jumper over it, but forgot you have to take outer clothing off. So there on display was a Venn diagram composed of 3 circles with w*****s in one, t****s in the second and c****s in the third. Where they all overlap is the word bankers.

As the film The Big Short based on the admirable Michael Lewis’ book is released and clearly shows how a number of ‘short sellers’ saw the 2007 crash coming, and made a fortune out of it. I am still totally flabbergasted that not only has hardly anyone been brought to account but that it continues and another  crash looms. The whole financial edifice is entirely man made (it is almost exclusively a male thing) and yet it is treated as somehow sacrosanct, that the institutions are ‘too big to fail’. And the klepto funded media mouthpieces have the absolute audacity to suggest that junior doctors are holding the country to ransom, that Mr Jeremy’s latest proposals about unions will also hold the country to ransom and that anything that smacks of anything like fairness and justice is smacked down as self-serving greed or envy of these fucking greedy, actual ransom demanders and the 62 richest kleptos have more loot than half the world’s population and we enter the anthropocene age which will be but a blip of the Earth’s history as those who really hold the world to ransom bring about …………………….

And irony on the radio (could be a song line) as I was MRI bound with the sun shitpaper’s editor writing about the pro-eu folk using fear to get people to vote to stay in. Because the sun would never dream of using fear in any way, would it?

And I had my most viewings last week for many months, can’t decide whether it was just having fuck in the title or that it was a Bowie track title.

Oh were Kliban still around to poke more fun at our increasingly absurd world:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.





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