Bread and Circuses

What bothers me, probably to an unhealthy degree, is how what has happened over the last 40 years or so is not understood nor apparent to so many people. I can hear the cynics, the apologists and those with the loudest opinions grinding their particular axes. I can also hear so many of us, sangiovese socialists such as myself included, saying “I know but……………”. But the last 40 years we have lived through, are living through, the most egregious kleptomania in human history, neoliberal globalism is it’s name. Capitalism is probably the most efficient method yet devised for ‘creating wealth’ and these current klepto incarnates are hoovering up the loot at at ever increasing rates. Statistical shit notwithstanding and if you can be arsed watch this clip (for those digital immigrants like me just highlight following address, right click search and play) and just gaze and wonder at the early chart:

Love the line from John Fugelsang towards the end where he talks about recent figures showing the top 1% getting 95% of ‘new wealth’ so why don’t we ask them for 95% of the taxes? Bread and circuses as the Roman leaders were so adept with. Example: last week at my weekly intensive exercise regime with The Globe pool B team I asked a Geordie team mate what he thought of ashley (Newcastle FC and sports direct owner) naively expecting an answer about his appalling exploitation of workers instead came the reply “aye, he’s a canny business man and bought some good players”.

The failure of ‘the american dream’ of course applies to dear old blighty, just that our wealth entrenchment is underpinned by all our class bollocks: royal benefit cheats, private educational stitch up, old etonian tts running the government, slaver drax my local mp ad infinfuckingitum. (weird, last word not highlighted!)

And so many absurdities to choose from, but my current favourite that the tts are redefining poverty to not mean lacking money.

Still, one can look forward to s&m osborne’s machinations blaming others for the looming financial crash. Trouble is we’ll probably end up with someone like trump or some sort of right wing coup d’etat. Funny parliament debated banning trump from entering our country, I think we should just ban his hair from entering. And palin’s just swung it for him.

And conversing with Mr Hector during our damp January about how our cultural peers are popping off lately at earlier ages: Lemmy 70, Bowie and Rickman 69 and now Frey at 67. All horribly close to our ages.

Also like Mr Greaves letter today that now we’ve sorted Iran’s nuclear dalliance we can now move on to ending ours.

Plus ca change:


What have the Romans ever given us?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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