Ah, blessed relief. After a couple of weeks of rising anxiety doctor told me yesterday that scan was clear and all seemed well. I dared to tell him of my recent encounter with my crabby comrade and his assertion of the imminent return of my cancer, doctor said that my cancer was eminently treatable, that talk of imminent return was rubbish and without sounding too cocky as far as they’re concerned I’m cured. So, until the next check up in 10 weeks I’ll carry on in my haphazard way.

And now I’m experiencing my first cold since well before the crabby episode.

On walking to the outpatients department yesterday I noticed a large poster advertising private treatment, on the first line in bold letters it highlighted convenience and comfort. This obviously invites the corollary that for everyone else who can’t afford or chooses not to ‘go private’ their treatment is ‘inconvenient and uncomfortable’ in relation. I feel that we are now so inured to inequality and injustice that the forces of evil are increasingly brazen. One hopes that this presages a fall.

Reading young Owen Jones’ book ‘The Establishment’ and his chapter on the ‘mediaocracy’ and how they are now such an inbred, insular group that so many are even less aware of how most people live than MPs. Partly explains why there is so little outrage at our egregious inequality and injustice. Listening to a radio discussion yesterday about the care home crisis and that the average annual costs of care home now exceed eton’s annual fees. Why choose this comparison? And maybe in the interests of saving money throw out all the pampered rich brats and turn eton into a care home for the elderly who’ve paid their fair share of taxes all their working lives (Kate’s idea).

And on Friday we’re going to a recording of Any Questions and I’ll witness in the flesh a bastion of the BBC establishment, dimblebore junior. Time both dimblebores were retired to allow fresh new blood to chair so-called political debates, I’m available. Kate has said if I start my muttering she’ll sit away from me. I’m working on a killer question, any suggestions?

So I go downstairs to get my supremely healthy breakfast and there’s a play on the radio about a woman who’s cancer has just returned. Writing it like that makes it sound as if we have our very own personal cancers, maybe we do.

I’ve never liked tescos, I’ve always disliked the feel and look of their stores, shirley porter is the daughter of jack cohen who founded tescos and she was a very dodgy leader of tory westminster council who oversaw the removal of poor folk from council housing in the “homes for votes scandal” and when found guilty of gerrymandering refused to pay her fine and ran away to Israel. She did eventually came to ‘an agreement’ and paid a fraction of the original fine. Much the same way tescos has been operating for a long time with regard to it’s criminal and appalling treatment of suppliers. And the masses keep on shopping there much as they keep voting for the criminal and appalling tts. And their much publicised election bribe of childcare for all is already being shown up for the sham it actually is. Still, s&m slug osborne has conjured a magnificent victory for the British taxpayer with google and already he is facing 3 inquiries into the deal, they’re so economically competent these tts.

And I’m going to boycott University Challenge until they replace paxman, his bias towards oxbridge colleges is sickening to witness. Maybe Ade Edmonson as Vivian to replace him?

Oh you pretty things keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



2 thoughts on “Relief.

  1. Excellent news. I told you ‘doctor’ Eric was an idiot. I recently read ‘The Establishment’ and very good it was too. Currently reading the very stupidly named ‘The Joy of Tax’ by Richard Murphy which is quite interesting although it betrays a fundamental naivety regarding the way ‘government’ works and, as a result, his messages are constantly contradicting themselves. I wonder how much Google had to bribe moral scum Osborne with for him to make such a fool of himself. Even Cameron is reeling at the stench of it.


  2. Sorry about tardiness of reply aym, you’ll have to explain to me one day about the way government and tax work. As for condom features he just casually distances himself and yet carries on allowing all sorts of shit to happen. Duncan


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