The class-ridden cancer of private schools.

What has happened to the future? No one seems to use the word anymore, all I seem to hear and read is about people moving or going forward. I despair at the apparent inability of folk to think for themselves as evidenced in their use of language. It conjures images of people slowly shuffling aimlessly whilst chanting “going forward”. Still, what do we expect when we have the tawdry tts running things, any dreams of future utopias are crushed under expensively shod feet.

So when I was experiencing my first cold last week since the diagnosis I work in the garden doing hard labour moving heavy stuff to level the lawn. On reflection maybe not the best thing to do as I felt down mentally, emotionally and physically for a few days after.

Anyway after our stay in Stratford and wandering in the wonderful and outrageous topiary garden at the hotel we have been inspired to create our own. Got lost in an interesting area of Bridport looking for a place that makes wooden trough planters, at one point found myself outside a cafe that claimed to be the home of the People’s Republic of Bridport, it was called the Red Brick Cafe and we will return. Somehow managed to get 4 large larch planters in our dinky astra which are now perched on our garden wall planted with baby boxwood bushes and so a topiary hedge is born.

Sadly none of my questions were chosen at Any Questions last Friday at our daughters’ local school. They were:

Does the panel agree with condom cameron that google are the best company to manage our health data?

How healthy is our democracy when a bunch of boys from one school are in so many positions of power?

Is our country best represented by a leader who sticks his prick in a pig’s mouth?

Dimblebore junior fucked up the introduction when he said that Wareham (where the school is) is surrounded by earthquakes rather than earthworks and that the Purbeck School is in the top 10 of state schools in the country, he forgot to say percent after 10. It was interesting and quite fun to experience the show, just a shame that there’s not more audience participation.

There was one question about education wondering why our standings in the latest OECD tables are so low? One ironic answer from the tt john redwood who, as one always should, questioned the nature of the OECD data and the questionable use of league tables. Just remind me mr redwood whose government was it that introduced league tables for schools? Oh, that would have been thatcher. And only recently we’ve had the story of Rose Hill primary school in Oxford being damned by ofsted and consequently damned in the media. So we have the perfect scenario, well almost perfect as that would be if the school were in Windsor, near eton, with a school in that town of educational privilege, the educational bastion of our class-ridden system. One is surprised to learn that Rose Hill is in a very deprived area, it’s already dilapidated buildings due to be refurbished under the previous Labour government’s rebuilding programme cancelled by the coalition twats in 2010 are now even more dilapidated and repairs will cost even more such is the economic incompetence of the tts. And they struggle to get teachers because of high housing costs and the challenge that many of the pupils are from deprived backgrounds and the consequent higher incidence of ‘special needs’.

And so it doesn’t need the education afforded by an Oxford College to know that any of the children that go to Rose Hill will almost definitely not go to brasenose college but that one Elwen cameron, who may well go to the £18,000 a year colet court preparatory school, may definitely end up at brasenose. Such is the class-ridden bollocks of our country and this will not change until we rid ourselves of the cancer of private schools.

Why is it that our state schools, national health service, social services, and so much more of the public realm are deteriorating so rapidly?

Anyway, for you soccer folk, especially Queen of the South supporters, here’s a quiz you might like:

And the dump got dumped in Iowa, ha ha.

Swing low you flower of Scotland.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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