Just been listening to Joan Bakewell reading her latest book Stop the Clocks which seems to be mainly about death and your life leading up to it. Some bits I’ve heard chime with me: I notice and appreciate the changing seasons more, I’m doing more gardening and how we increasingly take more notice of obituaries. What she does with this increasing awareness of her mortality is turn it into a greater appreciation and enjoyment of life, seems simple and sensible to me, just need to be able to actually do it!

And then I read another article about cancer, this time by Joanna Moorhead and how even though her cancer was probably partly linked to alcohol she wasn’t going to give it up. There is a largening constituency around us that takes some sort of puritanical pleasure in lecturing and hectoring us to do this, don’t do that and basing it on simplistic stuff, which may well be based on false premises anyway, you know what us humans is like. So despite the current chief medical officer saying that every time she has a glass of wine she thinks about the ‘risk of breast cancer’ and usually has water instead, Joanna has her glass of wine, or two. She decided she didn’t just want to survive cancer but “to have fun, to make the most of every single day, and to enjoy happy occasions and meals with my family and friends”, much like Joan in her autumnal years.

So after creating the beginnings of my topiary enterprise Mike, who did our patio and is now working in next door’s garden, looked at the lovely little boxwood plants and laughed, likening them to bacteria they are so small. I told the little darlings not to listen to the nasty man and watered them lovingly and already they are responding by growing at a prodigious rate.

And all the news is seemingly taken up with EU bollocks, never in the field of human news has so much been spoken about so little. All the various sub-species of little englanders furiously foaming as they subsume their racist shit in stuff such as  sovereignty and the like. In our looking glass world the current EU now operates in the manner of a kleptonic corporation which already dominate our country and folk want to leave not fully aware that any ‘sovereignty’ is a chimera and we’d then be dominated even more by these amoral greedy fucks. So vote to stay in I say as an initial bastion against the further degradation of our land by the kleptos and the tts and then join Yanis Varoufakis and his new gang: Democracy in Europe 2025, DiEM25. Their aim to simply put the demos back into the democratic underpinnings of the union.

I, like many others, do despair at the increasing racism and inequality spewing across our land and look for a utopian future.

Before last Friday’s Any Questions debate started proper there was a ‘warm-up’ question and answer session and one bloke stood up and asked why those against being in Europe were called eurosceptics as this to him sounded pejorative. Poor lamb thinking that his time honoured Englishman’s right to hold sway over all the peoples of the earth and call them whatever he wanted and yet to not be called something he thinks paints him ill. Euroseptic twat.

And on the subject of eurosepsis had a drink for Laurice’s birthday in her pub last night and met an old mate Bob who used to be a regular at the Square and Compass Thursday night sessions with his guitar. Sadly he now rarely plays as his style of playing had damaged his hand and wrist. He’s also retiring to France soon as he can’t afford retirement in this country. Another example of the cognitive dissonance that afflicts the euroseptics as they can’t see the irony of the unaffordability of their own country so exploit our cheaper European neighbours. And I am in no way suggesting that good old Bob is in any way one of them, I hope he has, as Joan is having, a good autumn of his life.

Anyway, my little plants are calling me.

Chris Riddell 10 Feb 2013

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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