If you’re swivel-eyed don’t read on.

Thank you AYM for reminding me about the wonderful Doug Stanhope, good one about making the Occupy lot being more effective and inventive. I then listened to his take on nationalism and it briefly rekindled my absolute loathing for the grinning gargoyle who sadly we’re going to see and hear a lot more of in the next few months. I think if anyone’s wavering about how to vote in the looming referendum then simply look at the swivel-eyed twats in their different gangs spouting their narrow nationalism. I know there is the argument about the way that too much of the eu supports neoliberal capitalism, but just think about the unfettered , or what they imagine to be the unfettered, way that the swivel-eyed twats will be. It will be their one-eyed take on ‘sovereignty’, which in itself is dodgily suggestive of the swivel-eyed royals.

Anyway, if you can be arsed listen to Mr Stanhope:




Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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