It’s in our nature to nurture.

Just listened to a rather lively debate on Start the Week centred on the old nature/nurture debate. Seems that it’s currently shifting towards nurture and I must opine that I’m more of this opinion, but then so was my dad! Anyways, I was brought short and straightaways began pounding these keys with the ending comment by one Joseph Bullman, a documentary maker who’s latest offering ‘Secret History of our Family’ is on telly next week. He asserts that where we end up in life is totally dictated by who we’re born to and he backs this up with compelling historical evidence. For example, the family he documentarises who’s only members escaped poverty when they went to Van Diemen’s land and their descendents who became upper class members of the newly formed Tasmanian society. When Mr Bullman was asked at the end of the programme about how things might be changed he immediately said that we need to get rid of private schools! Oh how my little heart leapt on hearing such sweet words.

To imagine that we might have a world not dominated by an ever increasingly dominant group of kleptos. That we wouldn’t have to suffer the obscene spectacle of boris bunter and condom cameron prancing and preening in their pre-allotted roles. That the recent publication of the continuing obscene amounts of loot being pocketed by the wankers even though their banks don’t perform so well with the only metric they use i.e. profit. That the taxes paid by the FTSE 100 companies has fallen by 25% since 2010 which was when who became prime minister? Ad infinfuckingitum.  And we all suck it up.

And yet inadvertancy throws up lovely truths: Channel 4 News subtitle quoting the new head of fifa, gianni infantino: “fifa will not be run as a private thiefdom”. Sums it all up really.

And my soccer team the mighty Foxes get ever closer to the most unlikely win in premier league history. And England rugby team looking ever better under the stewardship of a talented gentleman of convict origin, again confirming my burgeoning belief that much of what rots this benighted country is class-based. Interestingly it’s not only the rugby union team with an Antipodean coach but also the rugby league and cricket teams, and also the Irish, Welsh and Scottish rugby union teams. Not so much co-incidence but affirmation of my theory that our class system promotes the mediocre.


Keep on nurturing on, love Duncan.

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