Surprise news: wealthy, eton educated tory candidate uses fear tactics.

Feels like one of my older blogs as I write about a disturbed night. My cancer was (feels a little weird and presumptuous using was) at the base of my tongue and was beginning to affect my swallowing. The radiotherapy also tried hard to damage my swallowing mechanism. Anyway, although I have few problems with swallowing now I occasionally have episodes at night, typically soon after I’ve nodded off. They involve an unpleasant feeling that I can’t swallow and are probably triggered by a dry mouth due to salivary gland destruction. I feel a great urge to swallow impelled by a feeling that bad things will happen if I can’t. I swallow with what seems like great effort, this makes my mouth even drier, sips of water give temporary relief.

These episodes of panic and dread are fuelled by some real physical ‘problems’, but also by thoughts and feelings that worm away through my brain. I’m due another check-up next week, Kate and I spoke for a while yesterday with a woman who’s undergoing treatment for breast cancer; these and other little ‘triggers’ come out to play at night.

And fear generally seems to be stalking the land. The ‘brexiters’ keep banging on about the ‘bremainers’ ‘project fear’, seemingly unable to see how they do just that. zac goldsmith, the tt’s London mayoral candidate (eton educated, son of an extremely rich jammy goldsmith) employs blatant fear tactics to demonise Sadiq Khan the Labour candidate. Even tt folk such as Shazia Awan, a conservative parliamentary candidate, call the tactics a ‘disgrace’ and the idea that we’re ‘one nation’ and ‘in this together’ totally at odds with leaflets that promote ‘divide and rule’.

But we’re not really surprised at this behaviour, standard tactics for the powerful to retain their power and wealth. Whenever they feel threatened, as goldsmith is by Khan, they soon resort to type, the thin veneer of civility is easily stripped away. And he is extremely questionable: he is under investigation by the parliamentary standards commission for dodgy donations (how often do these kleptos never use their own money?), he claimed non-dom status for many years, uses tax havens and was recently forced to resign from a disability charity after voting to cut disability benefits.

And the kleptos venality and greed continue. The EU attempted to curtail the kleptomania of bankers, especially brit bankers, by putting a cap on bonuses. So last year there was a massive increase in wankers salaries, but only in this country. In all other EU countries there was little change in salaries,the numbers even fell in Germany, but here in dear old blighty the kleptomania carries on unchecked. Oh how we’re all in this together.

Wish drumf had been aborted.

And the strolling bones banging on about being the first major wesTern rock band to play in Cuba. The Manic Street Preachers played there in 2001, but no need to get facts in the way of a good story.


keep on keeping on, love Duncan.





Enough of these narcissistic bloggers.

I’ve occasionally toyed with the idea of changing the title of this here blog to Donecancer and as I write this the fears rush in. Don’t know what other crabby folk think, but once you’re plunged into the crabby pool what lurks under the stones and in the crevices remains very much just below the surface. And thinking, writing or uttering such a thing immediately invites hubristic response. So I won’t be writing any such soon. Especially as another check-up looms and  every pain and skin blemish is viewed through a crabby prism.

Also been feeling a little low of late, must be some sort of stage I need to go through on my ‘journey’; you twat using the term ‘journey’, pretentious, middle class bollocks you narcissistic onanist. Anyway, excuse my rather aggressive alter ego, I am feeling somewhat flat, but I suppose it’s to be expected after all the excitement of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and retirement. I’ve also gone through quite a few activities, maybe the currentest one of T’ai Chi will help me through the flat period.

And it does lift the spirits watching the tts rip each other to shreds. And even after the referendum result there will be considerable fall-out either way.

And listening to Kate talk to Jaike’s girlfriend Lauren about what she wants to do workwise and so on provided a classic vignette of modern times. Of all her university friends only one has got a job he wants with ‘prospects’, and guess what? His parents are wealthy ceos and have helped him with internships, contacts, placements, finance and so on. And her friends have a fair spectrum of degrees. And most still live at home or are travelling because there is little for them here.

Still, all won’t matter when the little englanders get their ‘brexit’ and we return to feudal times, s’pose I’ll have to beg for a small plot of land on slaver drax’s estate to keep the family going.

So there was a lovely conflation of stuff in yesterday’s Grauniad letters, and I do so like conflation, it helps my fevered little brain understand things better. They were about The Archers and the rob n’ Helen abuse story providing a trope for our current national situation. Firstly, on a personal note I reflect more on my behaviour and wonder how much I might be manipulative, sometimes saying ‘call me rob’. Kate and I discuss and observe others’ behaviour and call both males and females ‘robs’ as we see narcissistic and sociopathic behaviour everywhere.

One letter highlighted how psychologists call such abusive behaviour “gaslighting”, from a 1938 play called Gas Light which showed how the narcissists and sociopaths control, confuse and debilitate others. Other letters then go on to describe this “fictional gaslighting” as synonymous with our political situation, for example the 2008 ‘financial meltdown’ was caused by the Labour Party, or us with our profligacy and not the true culprits. And it continues with the ‘austerity narrative’ that further blinds people to the truth and deflects yet more from the venal kleptos.

Then one letter I’ll plagiarise in full:

“I don’t normally listen to The Archers, but the antics of rob titchener have drawn me in to listen regularly. Every episode makes me more mad. Why doesn’t Pat see what’s going on? Suddenly it hit me. rob is george osborne, Helen is the weak and needy, and Pat is the electorate”

And soon we’ll have an opinion piece by a member of the media commentariat saying just all this.

Up the Foxes.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

On human culture.

See cleese is in the news again having a go at an Aussie theatre company and their show based on Fawlty Towers. cleese has for a while now been a grumpy old man for with no redeeming humour to leaven it apart from a few stale jokes he keeps repeating. He seems to have been damaged by money, with the Aussie lot he has known about their project for a year but only lays into them when he thinks they’re making some money. His main charge is the using of his concept and not paying him (does he include Connie Booth?). Did cleese pay the hotel manager he based Basil on, let alone those who own rights to the bible.

Still, who am I to have a go at one of our comedic greats.

And my unction has passed it’s ‘challenge test’, means that it doesn’t cultivate the growth of nasty bugs when they’re introduced into it. Shame that our human culture can’t pass the ‘challenge test’. The introduction of never ending supplies of weapons into the world by the USA, China, Russia, UK, France, Germany and Israel is good business for the manufacturers and capitalism. Our human culture just keeps on providing people to use the weapons and people to be killed and maimed, as well as the apparently endless development of increasingly sophisticated weapons. Perfect capitalism. The absolutely brilliant Night Manager captures this aspect of our ‘modern’ world beautifully, the demonstration of roper’s wares in the desert in the last episode was full of ‘shock and awe’.

And are we shocked by the way the brexiters before the Brussels dead are even counted are shamelessly using this tragedy as fuel for their campaign to leave the EU? Would you feel safer with the likes of the grinning gargoyle and boris bunter in charge? Would you feel safer within their culture of hate and fear of the other?

And as for those who are advocating turning this country into the Northern Ireland of the 70’s and 80’s with some sort of military/police clampdown; doesn’t take much to cultivate their latent fascism.

So, the mighty Globe B pool team are in the final of some cup or other and after our Tuesday night win are top of the league, us and the mighty Foxes eh?

And it’s wild garlic season, a free foraging food that tastes delicious. Must away to finish oiling a garden chair I’ve restored in which we’ll grandly sit in our refurbished garden contemplating the mad human culture.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



31-21 anniversaries

Is there a mood change afoot? As the honeymoon enjoyed by the arrogant tts rapidly recedes we witness more and more their witlessness. Their eu implosion is very predictable but the rest of their behaviour is becoming more evidently ill thought through and nakedly self-serving (or serving of their klepto masters). s&m’s budget has already unravelled and the resignation of irretrievably dumb shit and it’s ramifications bode ill for the tts. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa.

Today (Sunday 20th March) is Kate and mine’s anniversary of coming together in 2004. On that day England beat Wales 31-21 and yesterday England beat France by the same score, and they are grand slammers. This, of course, really pleases the French, the Welsh, the Scots, the Irish and so many others.

And a very interesting piece, well interesting to me,by Sean O’Hagan writing about one Joe Corre (Malcolm McLaren’s son) who is planning to publicly burn all his punk stuff ( worth £5m) in November, the anniversary of the Pistols’ Anarchy in the UK. He’s doing this because of his disgust at boris bunter’s backed ‘Punk London’. O’Hagan thinks that ‘Punk London’ is “conclusive proof, if needed, of the French thinker Guy Debord’s assertion that consumer capitalism drains authentic lived experience of meaning”. Debord’s book, The Society of the Spectacle, in which he predicts “meaning is drained from our lives and replaced by the mesmerising power of empty spectacle”, like England winning the grand slam and Cicero’s ‘bread and circuses’. And as we watch the spectacle the kleptos plunder ever more. And woe betide anyone who dares to question the spectacle and the plundering, as the Sex Pistols briefly did, for they will have the evil that lurks just below the surface of the bland conformity unleashed. Oh God save history
God save your mad parade
Oh Lord God have mercy
All crimes are paid

And I stuck my size 12’s in it after a funeral on Friday with me godly bollocks.

And we went on our longest walk yet since the crabby time, walked through the wood (Wilksood) where we married the first time. Lots of trees had recently been felled and many had fallen over but not the one we were married under. Seems like it won’t be too long before it too falls or is felled, must try and get a piece of it when it does.

We watched the wedding video last night with Jaike and his new love Lauren, brought back happy memories tinged with some sadness for me seeing my daughter Fay as our relationship is not good at present.

Passed more badgers on the roadside. The ones we see aren’t killed by road vehicle but by farmers and then dumped roadside. One can understand farmers antipathy towards Brock but I can’t help feeling there is something cowardly and underhand to leave them to make others think they’ve been killed by cars.

Further to the academisation of schools bollocks and the current government’s witlessness, a letter by professor Ron Glatter ending with: “The policy appears to be based on a combination of ideological zeal and extraordinary organisational naivety”. Apart from the hope of Mr Jeremy and co it really is well beyond time to have our ‘democracy’ dragged into modern times and have some form of proportional representation, otherwise we’ll continue to have dodgy privately educated tt prime ministers.

And come on you Kirsty, save your abused friend Helen from the evil rob titchener. And Deborah Orr has echoed my thoughts about the inappropriateness of using the term ‘domestic abuse’, domestic keeps it in the veneer beneath which the evil lives.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

It really is time we had genuine equality.

So s&m bumnose proposes to encourage the paups to save by giving them an extra bit on top if they manage to save a few hundred quid over a couple of years. I remember my parents trying to do the same with my brother and I when we were kids. This is an absolutely patronising and cynical (can’t believe that of a tory twat) proposal. How does he think those on low pay can afford to save, they live on the edge barely making ends meet. And what will be the conditions to get the ‘bonus’? And what happens to the money as it ‘sits’ in some kleptos grubby paws? Steve Bell dubbed it beautifully: “Save as you Starve”. No, all that needs to be done is remove the ill-gotten loot from the kleptos like martin sorrell and saleem asaria and share it out, much as should happen in a commonwealth.

And another patronising bit of bullshit about ‘our commonwealth’ the other day and what a lovely sharing and caring entity it is, like we divied out all our empirical looting. Ah, but Duncan you one-eyed cynical bastard, we brought ‘civilization’ and railways to those backwaters. Bollocks, they already had much older civilizations than us and the railways were simply to facilitate removal of the loot more efficiently (oh, and transport troops of course). Still, we did give them bureaucratic bollocks.

Quite an interesting piece about education and social mobility, and made the more interesting in that the author fails to mention private education at all. John Goldthorpe in the Observer lists the changes since the 1944 Butler Act and that “despite all this expansion and reform, inequalities in relative mobility chances have remained little altered”. He makes the pertinent point that there is a ‘psychological asymmetry’ (nice phrase) between the parental positions of the different classes. This apparently supports the psychological theory of loss aversion: that parents are more determined to not lose ‘social position’ than to gain ‘social position’. I’m not so sure this is absolutely the case as those with money, power and privilege are simply in a better position than those without. Anyway, no matter what the changes in education the pointy elbowed brigade ensure their offspring benefit the most. Simple answer really, all children go to local schools which are the best possible, no private, no selection, no faith based and then let the cornflakes fall as they will.

Unfortunately we are travelling educationally at an increasingly rapid rate in the opposite direction with the tts ramping up the ‘academisation’ scam and ever more commonwealth is finding it’s way into the kleptos evil, grubby mitts.

So watching an ultimately unbelievably tense finish to the England Wales rugby football game t’other day, I didn’t breathe for the last 10 minutes and Nick said it’s a good job my brain doesn’t need oxygen. Mildly amusing but he still owes me £5 for a bet on when Paul Ringer was sent off.

Well, how are we going to help Helen in the Archers? rob, her husband, really is an excellent baddy. And the baddies were sorted in the really good Icelandic Scandi-noir ‘Trapped’.

And finally, following on the rob titchener theme, how socially advanced our wonderful country isn’t. Loads of stuff lately about the continuing appalling situation of domestic abuse. Maybe the name needs changing, domestic gives it a slightly softer edge, that it’s ‘behind closed doors’. In the 47 Council of Europe nations only Azerbaijan and Armenia have fewer female judges. So this massive male majority (most of whom are also alumni of private schools let’s not forget) reinforces and maintains the male bias and the continuing subjugation and abuse of women. Rise up sisters and with pitchforks in hand demand a 50:50 deal. Come on Mr Jeremy, another thing you can add to making this country a better place.

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Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


I’ve got FMPDF already (famous music people dying fatigue).

As I’m sure many of you have done the face swapping app thingy already with many weirdly funny, I find the weirdest one that of condom cameron and boris bunter because they look weirdly interchangeable:

and then I try to get it from the online Grauniad and it’s not there, so I search online and it’s not there, like it’s been removed already, typical tts. Anyway here’s one I did find of just one face swap:


MoS2 Template Master

And the doctors are on strike again and through all the governmental mendacity, pr and spinning bollocks I read a simple letter that seems to sum it all up:

“Junior doctors are striking again this week in their battle with Jeremy Hunt over the new contract he has imposed on them. The people who are advising Jeremy Hunt include members of the South West Pay, Terms and Conditions consortium who, in their 2013 plans, proposed local rather than national pay negotiations, and major cuts in terms and conditions for the NHS workforce. These plans were thrown out by parliament at the time but seem to be the blueprint Jeremy Hunt is sticking to in the imposition of a new contract for junior doctors.

Cutting the wages bill is part of the privatisation process as it is necessary if future owners are to turn a profit. The consequences so far are the appalling problems of recruitment and retention we are now seeing, along with soaring bills for agency staff and serious gaps in staffing. The junior doctors dispute centres on the issue of terms and conditions because that is what they have a right to protest about, but the bigger picture is their main concern. What is happening to the NHSamounts to theft, as public services and assets are handed over to UK and foreign private companies.

On Friday, 11 March, the NHS bill, tabled by Caroline Lucas, is due its second reading in parliament. This cross-party bill aims to restore the NHS in England as a national universal service (which it still is in the rest of the UK) and has the support of an eminent list of signatories (Why we support the cross-party NHS bill, Letters, 5 March). I ask your readers to keep supporting the junior doctors and to investigate what is truly behind their dispute. Remember the Cameron promise of 2010 that there would be no top-down reorganisaton and decide if you can believe anything that the government says about the future of the NHS. For sure do not believe them when they say the NHS is not being privatised.”
Sue Vaughan
Little Melton, Norfolk

Fucking mendacious tts, who are also evil.

And a report out today that homeless ‘rough sleepers’ have doubled in number over the last 5 years, and who came to power just over 5 years ago?

And a piece by a Thomas Frank explaining why he thinks so many working-class Americans are supporting drumf and I have some sympathy with his explanation. It’s simply that ‘neoliberalism’ and ‘globalisation’ have made the kleptos richer at the expense of the working class who’ve lost well paid jobs as the production has been moved elsewhere. As Mr Frank says it is easier for us bleeding heart liberals to go on about his misogyny, racism and the like rather than the “obvious reality of which trumpism is just a crude and ugly expression: that neoliberalism has well and truly failed”. Except for the kleptos of course. Much the same as here with the ukippers and the grinning gargoyle, who somewhat mercifully has not been seen or heard of a great deal. Perhaps he’s at last being seen for the fraud he is, much like bunter.

And an interesting article by Mr Simon Jenkins about the absurdity of the obsession with maths in education, something I agree with. One reason for it’s pre-eminence is that it’s easily measured and fits the modern trend of bureaucratic bollocks.

And I went for the first time last week for a T’ai Chi lesson and thoroughly enjoyed it. And also last week for my first outing with an elderly walking group who I’ll dub the ‘mild bunch’ (nicked from my uncle Barry). So can add 2 things to my exercise regime alongside pool.

And anyone in Swanage/Purbeck interested in looking into creating a Swanage, or the more alliterative Purbeck Pound?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


The conservative’s have not been conservative for a long time.

I know I’ve written about this before but it is so sweet when you read something that encapsulates and crystallizes your own thoughts and feelings. I also know that it’s a common trait, even failing, to read stuff that simply reinforces one’s prejudices but when it’s the truth, just give me the truth, all I want is the truth. And such happened yesterday reading David Hare’s essay:

One of his many salient points was the irrefutable fact that the tts very name, conservative, is increasingly a misnomer. Over the last few decades they have conserved very little except that which benefits the kleptos, the multinational corporations, the pr ‘industry’, the financial ‘industry’. Pretty much all other industry has been sold.

Having won elections since the thatch came to power the tts have dominated the narrative and allowed the creation of a vastly unequal society. Those of us with more grey hair (those who don’t, dye) may remember how thatch and co divided people into wets and drys, she and her gang were drys, the others pejorative wets (weak, limp and the like). Initially the wets were the ‘one nation tts’, those who believed there was a sense of ‘noblesse oblige’. Since then the ‘drys’ domination of the ‘wets’ has extended to include all those who have different beliefs. Hence we now have demonisation of those on ‘welfare’, socialists, bleeding heart liberals and so on. There is the occasional ludicrous appeal to the older such as condom features ‘big society’ or ‘we’re all in this together’ bollocks. And sadly all this pr guff has worked and they still garner enough votes to stay in power because of our antiquated voting system.

Anyway, as Mr Hare writes, just think of all the areas of our public realm that the tts have laid waste to: health, education, justice, defence, culture: “On the contrary, they have preferred a state of near‑Maoist revolution, complaining that, in an extraordinary coincidence, almost every aspect of British life except retail and finance is incompetently organised.” And they impose ‘the disciplines of the market’ on everything, and for those of us who work, or have worked, in the public sector we experience the totally dispiriting. Like ofsted, increased bureaucratic bollocks, skewing of priorities, micro-management, targets, fucking meaningless mission statements, risk aversion, adinfinfuckingitum.

One piece of the essay really stood out for me: “Of all the privatisations of the last 30 years, none has been more catastrophic than the privatisation of virtue. A doctor recently remarked that she was happy to put up with long hours and underpayment because she knew she was working in the service of an ideal. But, she said, if the NHS were so reorganised that she were then asked to suffer the same degree of overwork to provide profits for some rip-off private health company, she would walk away and refuse.” This what is happening at a rapid rate with our public services. I increasingly resented the fact that my work as a teacher at Purbeck View School was helping line the pockets of the parent company cambian healthcare and it’s klepto in chief saleem asaria. As an aside, when cambian put themselves on the stock market shares started at just over 300, they now stand at about 80, apart from the lovely fact that asaria’s holding (he trousered about £9m worth of shares to retain himself) has been given a severe haircut, isn’t his position overseeing such a fall in question?

But all you do is bang on about politics, it’s so boring Duncan.

Getting excited about Saturday’s game, will probably be the championship decider. In the early 70’s I went to Twickenham to see my first international, England against Wales. I was quite a twat even then, England were winning for a change and my loud vocalisations caused a Welshman sat in front of me to turn round in the second half and say: “in the past half hour I’ve begun to hate you boyo”. I cheered even louder.

And boris bunter spinning round in ever decreasing circles, hopefully drilling an ever deeper hole for himself so that soon all we’ll see is a balding blond mop blowing in the wind.

A cartoon of the tts:

tny 5.26.08 cvr.indd

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.