The conservative’s have not been conservative for a long time.

I know I’ve written about this before but it is so sweet when you read something that encapsulates and crystallizes your own thoughts and feelings. I also know that it’s a common trait, even failing, to read stuff that simply reinforces one’s prejudices but when it’s the truth, just give me the truth, all I want is the truth. And such happened yesterday reading David Hare’s essay:

One of his many salient points was the irrefutable fact that the tts very name, conservative, is increasingly a misnomer. Over the last few decades they have conserved very little except that which benefits the kleptos, the multinational corporations, the pr ‘industry’, the financial ‘industry’. Pretty much all other industry has been sold.

Having won elections since the thatch came to power the tts have dominated the narrative and allowed the creation of a vastly unequal society. Those of us with more grey hair (those who don’t, dye) may remember how thatch and co divided people into wets and drys, she and her gang were drys, the others pejorative wets (weak, limp and the like). Initially the wets were the ‘one nation tts’, those who believed there was a sense of ‘noblesse oblige’. Since then the ‘drys’ domination of the ‘wets’ has extended to include all those who have different beliefs. Hence we now have demonisation of those on ‘welfare’, socialists, bleeding heart liberals and so on. There is the occasional ludicrous appeal to the older such as condom features ‘big society’ or ‘we’re all in this together’ bollocks. And sadly all this pr guff has worked and they still garner enough votes to stay in power because of our antiquated voting system.

Anyway, as Mr Hare writes, just think of all the areas of our public realm that the tts have laid waste to: health, education, justice, defence, culture: “On the contrary, they have preferred a state of near‑Maoist revolution, complaining that, in an extraordinary coincidence, almost every aspect of British life except retail and finance is incompetently organised.” And they impose ‘the disciplines of the market’ on everything, and for those of us who work, or have worked, in the public sector we experience the totally dispiriting. Like ofsted, increased bureaucratic bollocks, skewing of priorities, micro-management, targets, fucking meaningless mission statements, risk aversion, adinfinfuckingitum.

One piece of the essay really stood out for me: “Of all the privatisations of the last 30 years, none has been more catastrophic than the privatisation of virtue. A doctor recently remarked that she was happy to put up with long hours and underpayment because she knew she was working in the service of an ideal. But, she said, if the NHS were so reorganised that she were then asked to suffer the same degree of overwork to provide profits for some rip-off private health company, she would walk away and refuse.” This what is happening at a rapid rate with our public services. I increasingly resented the fact that my work as a teacher at Purbeck View School was helping line the pockets of the parent company cambian healthcare and it’s klepto in chief saleem asaria. As an aside, when cambian put themselves on the stock market shares started at just over 300, they now stand at about 80, apart from the lovely fact that asaria’s holding (he trousered about £9m worth of shares to retain himself) has been given a severe haircut, isn’t his position overseeing such a fall in question?

But all you do is bang on about politics, it’s so boring Duncan.

Getting excited about Saturday’s game, will probably be the championship decider. In the early 70’s I went to Twickenham to see my first international, England against Wales. I was quite a twat even then, England were winning for a change and my loud vocalisations caused a Welshman sat in front of me to turn round in the second half and say: “in the past half hour I’ve begun to hate you boyo”. I cheered even louder.

And boris bunter spinning round in ever decreasing circles, hopefully drilling an ever deeper hole for himself so that soon all we’ll see is a balding blond mop blowing in the wind.

A cartoon of the tts:

tny 5.26.08 cvr.indd

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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