I’ve got FMPDF already (famous music people dying fatigue).

As I’m sure many of you have done the face swapping app thingy already with many weirdly funny, I find the weirdest one that of condom cameron and boris bunter because they look weirdly interchangeable:

and then I try to get it from the online Grauniad and it’s not there, so I search online and it’s not there, like it’s been removed already, typical tts. Anyway here’s one I did find of just one face swap:


MoS2 Template Master

And the doctors are on strike again and through all the governmental mendacity, pr and spinning bollocks I read a simple letter that seems to sum it all up:

“Junior doctors are striking again this week in their battle with Jeremy Hunt over the new contract he has imposed on them. The people who are advising Jeremy Hunt include members of the South West Pay, Terms and Conditions consortium who, in their 2013 plans, proposed local rather than national pay negotiations, and major cuts in terms and conditions for the NHS workforce. These plans were thrown out by parliament at the time but seem to be the blueprint Jeremy Hunt is sticking to in the imposition of a new contract for junior doctors.

Cutting the wages bill is part of the privatisation process as it is necessary if future owners are to turn a profit. The consequences so far are the appalling problems of recruitment and retention we are now seeing, along with soaring bills for agency staff and serious gaps in staffing. The junior doctors dispute centres on the issue of terms and conditions because that is what they have a right to protest about, but the bigger picture is their main concern. What is happening to the NHSamounts to theft, as public services and assets are handed over to UK and foreign private companies.

On Friday, 11 March, the NHS bill, tabled by Caroline Lucas, is due its second reading in parliament. This cross-party bill aims to restore the NHS in England as a national universal service (which it still is in the rest of the UK) and has the support of an eminent list of signatories (Why we support the cross-party NHS bill, Letters, 5 March). I ask your readers to keep supporting the junior doctors and to investigate what is truly behind their dispute. Remember the Cameron promise of 2010 that there would be no top-down reorganisaton and decide if you can believe anything that the government says about the future of the NHS. For sure do not believe them when they say the NHS is not being privatised.”
Sue Vaughan
Little Melton, Norfolk

Fucking mendacious tts, who are also evil.

And a report out today that homeless ‘rough sleepers’ have doubled in number over the last 5 years, and who came to power just over 5 years ago?

And a piece by a Thomas Frank explaining why he thinks so many working-class Americans are supporting drumf and I have some sympathy with his explanation. It’s simply that ‘neoliberalism’ and ‘globalisation’ have made the kleptos richer at the expense of the working class who’ve lost well paid jobs as the production has been moved elsewhere. As Mr Frank says it is easier for us bleeding heart liberals to go on about his misogyny, racism and the like rather than the “obvious reality of which trumpism is just a crude and ugly expression: that neoliberalism has well and truly failed”. Except for the kleptos of course. Much the same as here with the ukippers and the grinning gargoyle, who somewhat mercifully has not been seen or heard of a great deal. Perhaps he’s at last being seen for the fraud he is, much like bunter.

And an interesting article by Mr Simon Jenkins about the absurdity of the obsession with maths in education, something I agree with. One reason for it’s pre-eminence is that it’s easily measured and fits the modern trend of bureaucratic bollocks.

And I went for the first time last week for a T’ai Chi lesson and thoroughly enjoyed it. And also last week for my first outing with an elderly walking group who I’ll dub the ‘mild bunch’ (nicked from my uncle Barry). So can add 2 things to my exercise regime alongside pool.

And anyone in Swanage/Purbeck interested in looking into creating a Swanage, or the more alliterative Purbeck Pound?


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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