It really is time we had genuine equality.

So s&m bumnose proposes to encourage the paups to save by giving them an extra bit on top if they manage to save a few hundred quid over a couple of years. I remember my parents trying to do the same with my brother and I when we were kids. This is an absolutely patronising and cynical (can’t believe that of a tory twat) proposal. How does he think those on low pay can afford to save, they live on the edge barely making ends meet. And what will be the conditions to get the ‘bonus’? And what happens to the money as it ‘sits’ in some kleptos grubby paws? Steve Bell dubbed it beautifully: “Save as you Starve”. No, all that needs to be done is remove the ill-gotten loot from the kleptos like martin sorrell and saleem asaria and share it out, much as should happen in a commonwealth.

And another patronising bit of bullshit about ‘our commonwealth’ the other day and what a lovely sharing and caring entity it is, like we divied out all our empirical looting. Ah, but Duncan you one-eyed cynical bastard, we brought ‘civilization’ and railways to those backwaters. Bollocks, they already had much older civilizations than us and the railways were simply to facilitate removal of the loot more efficiently (oh, and transport troops of course). Still, we did give them bureaucratic bollocks.

Quite an interesting piece about education and social mobility, and made the more interesting in that the author fails to mention private education at all. John Goldthorpe in the Observer lists the changes since the 1944 Butler Act and that “despite all this expansion and reform, inequalities in relative mobility chances have remained little altered”. He makes the pertinent point that there is a ‘psychological asymmetry’ (nice phrase) between the parental positions of the different classes. This apparently supports the psychological theory of loss aversion: that parents are more determined to not lose ‘social position’ than to gain ‘social position’. I’m not so sure this is absolutely the case as those with money, power and privilege are simply in a better position than those without. Anyway, no matter what the changes in education the pointy elbowed brigade ensure their offspring benefit the most. Simple answer really, all children go to local schools which are the best possible, no private, no selection, no faith based and then let the cornflakes fall as they will.

Unfortunately we are travelling educationally at an increasingly rapid rate in the opposite direction with the tts ramping up the ‘academisation’ scam and ever more commonwealth is finding it’s way into the kleptos evil, grubby mitts.

So watching an ultimately unbelievably tense finish to the England Wales rugby football game t’other day, I didn’t breathe for the last 10 minutes and Nick said it’s a good job my brain doesn’t need oxygen. Mildly amusing but he still owes me £5 for a bet on when Paul Ringer was sent off.

Well, how are we going to help Helen in the Archers? rob, her husband, really is an excellent baddy. And the baddies were sorted in the really good Icelandic Scandi-noir ‘Trapped’.

And finally, following on the rob titchener theme, how socially advanced our wonderful country isn’t. Loads of stuff lately about the continuing appalling situation of domestic abuse. Maybe the name needs changing, domestic gives it a slightly softer edge, that it’s ‘behind closed doors’. In the 47 Council of Europe nations only Azerbaijan and Armenia have fewer female judges. So this massive male majority (most of whom are also alumni of private schools let’s not forget) reinforces and maintains the male bias and the continuing subjugation and abuse of women. Rise up sisters and with pitchforks in hand demand a 50:50 deal. Come on Mr Jeremy, another thing you can add to making this country a better place.

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Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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