On human culture.

See cleese is in the news again having a go at an Aussie theatre company and their show based on Fawlty Towers. cleese has for a while now been a grumpy old man for with no redeeming humour to leaven it apart from a few stale jokes he keeps repeating. He seems to have been damaged by money, with the Aussie lot he has known about their project for a year but only lays into them when he thinks they’re making some money. His main charge is the using of his concept and not paying him (does he include Connie Booth?). Did cleese pay the hotel manager he based Basil on, let alone those who own rights to the bible.

Still, who am I to have a go at one of our comedic greats.

And my unction has passed it’s ‘challenge test’, means that it doesn’t cultivate the growth of nasty bugs when they’re introduced into it. Shame that our human culture can’t pass the ‘challenge test’. The introduction of never ending supplies of weapons into the world by the USA, China, Russia, UK, France, Germany and Israel is good business for the manufacturers and capitalism. Our human culture just keeps on providing people to use the weapons and people to be killed and maimed, as well as the apparently endless development of increasingly sophisticated weapons. Perfect capitalism. The absolutely brilliant Night Manager captures this aspect of our ‘modern’ world beautifully, the demonstration of roper’s wares in the desert in the last episode was full of ‘shock and awe’.

And are we shocked by the way the brexiters before the Brussels dead are even counted are shamelessly using this tragedy as fuel for their campaign to leave the EU? Would you feel safer with the likes of the grinning gargoyle and boris bunter in charge? Would you feel safer within their culture of hate and fear of the other?

And as for those who are advocating turning this country into the Northern Ireland of the 70’s and 80’s with some sort of military/police clampdown; doesn’t take much to cultivate their latent fascism.

So, the mighty Globe B pool team are in the final of some cup or other and after our Tuesday night win are top of the league, us and the mighty Foxes eh?

And it’s wild garlic season, a free foraging food that tastes delicious. Must away to finish oiling a garden chair I’ve restored in which we’ll grandly sit in our refurbished garden contemplating the mad human culture.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




4 thoughts on “On human culture.

  1. So, Karadzic gets just 40 years for genocide and war crimes. Adam Johnson gets 6 years for being seduced by a tart. And Tony Blair is not even prosecuted for genocide and war crimes. Something not quite right here. I sentence the entire judiciary to death.

    On the EU exit, whilst I don’t agree with the xenophobes, surely the EU is just a cabal of self serving politicians and ‘business ‘leaders”. Can we note have a vote to get rid of them all? I sentence them all to death.


    1. Nah, death’s too good for them, a lifetime on the tt’s pip payments and their ‘welfare support’ in shit housing or working on zero hours contracts in a sports direct workhouse or living as a disabled person or with the kardashians.


  2. PS Sorry I meant ‘not’ not ‘note’.

    PPS The resignation of Ideological Deserter Skunk was amusing. Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship!


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