Laissez faire tory twats.

I’m in good humour as we’re about to embark on a little trip to the wilds of Exmoor, and yet I’m suddenly impelled to write a short piece about the fucking tory twats. Surely most sentient beings now see the bunch of charlatans for what they are. The latest steel imbroglio beautifully sums them up. The neoliberal doctrine imposed by thatcher and co and continued since is evident in it’s rawest form now the current crop of randian (from ayn rand, a very dodgy woman, look her up) tts have been let loose.

Every major country recognises the need to have and protect their steel industry, even the Yanks impose import tariffs of 266% on Chinese steel, our ‘government’ lobbies for 16%, the lowest possible. This steel problem has been looming for many years, so is hardly unexpected. The tts panic and the likes of anna soubry say all options are open to help steel. Except of course they’re not as soubry’s boss, the arch randian sajid javid, and condom features say no nationalisation, no state support, unlike all other steel producing countries. They will just look to sell it off if they can. Unlike what happened with the banks in 2008 and whose kleptomania continues unabated.

And we’ll import more, often inferior, Chinese steel as the fawning condom and s&m want Chinese ‘investment’ in the likes of Hinckley Point. They don’t care about a major British industry and certainly don’t care about the workers in this and other industries. They still operate like Victorian ‘laissez faire’ capitalists but without any understanding let alone forethought. And s&m osborne had the barefaced bumnose cheek to go on in his budget speech about looking after future generations of this country, he is a liar and charlatan of the first order (except of course the future generations of his class). The current problem with our country is not ‘state interference’, ‘nationalisation’ and the like, but the opposite, the absolutely deleterious effects on our common wealth of the tts laissez faire.

It is evidenced by our trade deficit which is 6% at present, the highest of any country in the ‘developed world’. Is this s&m’s ‘long term plan’? fucking absolute wanker.

Still, we’ll have the fulsome folly of having the enormous trident phalluses, but not the steel to make them with.

And the dodgy dacre, hypocritical editor of the mail, gets a big EU subsidy for his Scottish estates. Come on you Scot Nats, reclaim the land.

And it’s official, using sat navs turns your brain to mush as recent research shows. Wrote about this a while ago. When something goes wrong such as no signal or unexpected roadworks or traffic accidents people are unable to navigate without a screen and voice telling them where to go.

Happy weekend.


Keep on keepin on, love Duncan.


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