Canine fascism.

Had weekend away staying in a place near Lynton and Lynmouth, or ‘Little Switzerland’ as it’s not imaginatively labelled. But it is a rather lovely area of the world tucked away in the north west corner of Exmoor. Despite the usual slight hangover (why do we always overindulge on the first night away?) we attempted a rather rigorous walk on Saturday, we did complete it on foot but with a slight detour at the end, described by Kate as a ‘bit of a bootcamp’. As we are so lucky to have in dear old Blighty the walk had so many changes of environment: dramatic coastal stuff, bit of windswept moorland, wooded valleys and exciting rivers.

Also had that interpersonal contact I often get involved in. We stopped for refreshments at The Blue Ball Inn, we sat outside and were soon joined at an adjacent table by a man and his dog, a splendid looking huskie-like thing. His wife soon followed and they immediately checked their communication devices, another couple with their dog then sat with them. Not being very hardy types they soon adjourned to the pub’s interior. Kate and I enjoyed our baked potato then I went inside to go to the toilet. On the way the aforementioned group were sat at two tables with the huskie-like thing spreadeagled right across the floor, to get to the toilet I had to step over the beast. I stopped and the man said “dead dogs just lie where they drop”, a rather silly thing to say in my opinion. I harrumphed and gingerly stepped over as I am very wary of canine beasts.

Whilst relieving myself I thought, and I thought that the man was being somewhat inconsiderate and on my return journey I again stopped before the still ‘dead dog’. I politely suggested that the man could move the dog, he made no move to do so. I harrumphed again and again stepped gingerly over the beast and the man said “and you have a nice day”, in a somewhat sarcastic manner. I paused, gave him a steely glare through my sunglasses then slowly walked on.

I stewed for a while and Kate said a few times to stop stewing. But in my stewing I had many thoughts. The man was clearly an ignorant twat but having one of the better looking canine beasts compounds and reinforces his twattishness. ‘DOG LOVER ALERT’ – I do believe there is a culture in our culture of dog related fascism. I think that this man is probably only used to favourable comments about his dog, one can easily imagine it happening coming from other dog lovers, children and so on. There is little likelihood that he ever gets less favourable comments such as my very mild suggestion that he might move it. So this feeds his unquestioning ego and allows him to sit in a pub totally unaware that his dog is in any way to be moved from it’s inalienable right to lie where it wants, even if it is blocking people’s passage. The man may as well sit there, legs akimbo with his prick hanging out.

Of course not all dog-people are like this man and do make sure their dogs behave reasonably. But as someone who is now extremely wary of dogs and feels scared whenever one is near me I think that too many people have dogs who shouldn’t. At the end of our walk near the pub we were staying in there were a number of posters on lamp-posts stating that there is not a dog pooh fairy and could doggie folk please remove their dog’s shit. Reading the pooh fairy posters briefly distracted me from the extreme pain I was feeling in my legs.

I was pleased I was able to walk as far as I did, but, as Kate remarked our physical state after this walk shows how relatively unfit we are.

But at least we’re fitter than rob titchener, but is he actually dead? Will have to listen tonight at 7.

And another coup for the Grauniad with it’s analysis and publication of stuff from The Panama Papers, I’m truly shocked that so many kleptos across the world have been using tax havens to ‘hide’ their ill-gotten wealth. And I’m shocked to learn that democratically elected leaders are doing the same things. But don’t worry, condom features has promised to end “tax secrecy” and will sort it all out as a pig flies by with his prick in it’s mouth. Of course he’ll continue to say it’s OK to “arrange your tax affairs so you support your pension and family” as this is a given. It’s perfectly OK for those with money to do so, but think just a little and what they are saying is that the current tax system is not right for them so there needs to be ‘tax efficiency’ and other such weasel words to cover that the vast majority of people don’t have any such concerns, because they don’t have the money and simply pay what’s decided for them, but those that do have money have the moral right to pay less. This is but the one end of a rather short continuum with tax evasion, money laundering and excessive use of the oh so many tax havens that are under the jurisdiction of this country at the other end. Oh, and the latest ‘consultation paper’ on this business from last month leaves it open to allow any central register to be kept in the country a company is incorporated in, so it remains secret!

Still what does one expect from a government who’s ‘long term economic plan’ is a simplistic low grade free market model, which is bust.

And I might have to talk to Kate about closing our bank account with the co-op as they are increasingly unethical and behaving just like other banks. Which is the most ethical?

And cambian’s share price continues to fall. There’s a deal due in a couple of weeks between the company and the banks to sort out the shit they’re in, but the board of directors is not popular with shareholders and the banks may well pull the plug. If the company continues under it’s current board then there will be more cost cutting. Perhaps individual schools, hospitals and institutions within the company should consider some form of self-management before the company’s bought up by some other financial sharks.

'He's just being friendly'

  ‘He’s just being friendly’

   Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



One thought on “Canine fascism.

  1. Hello Duncan, we’re the ones you met in the Thai pub after your long walk..We were with a dog.. But
    (happily) not the dog you had to step over. Anyway it’s your birthday very soon isn’t it. We remember that well, as its Simons on May 11th too. So happy approaching birthday to you, him and all the other people born on that day. We know about 9 birthdays on this day now! Hope you’re both keeping well. It was lovely meeting you. We’re heading back that way next weekend, made us think of you. Kind regards, Sandi and Simon – canine non fascists!


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