cameron is a tax avoider, or is it evader

There are many things to worry about with the internet but one thing I do like is the way you can randomly come across something that really resonates (although the more astute will point out that it’s not really random and we’re all funneled one way or another). Anyway, on trying to listen to someone commenting on condom cameron on LBC I found myself listening to Robert Elms, someone whose shows I liked in my London past, and he had someone called Leon Bridges singing on his show. I then played his music and was immediately captivated, one song down the list really affected me and I found myself in floods of tears; it was a song called Kevin with  a rapper named Macklemore and is about the abuse of prescription drugs in the USA:

Anyway, I’m now off to listen to The Archers omnibus.

It is so very entertaining watching the slimeball condom cameron as he goes from saying it’s a private matter to releasing the tax he’s paid within a week. And yet this is still slimeballing (whatever that is, but it sounds right for the tory twat) as he’s only revealing the information that goes into his tax returns. And what happened to his dad’s wealth? In 2009 it was listed as £10m yet only £2.74m was executed on his death. And what of S&M’s family’s tax avoidance; osborne and little have ‘shown a remarkable ability to avoid UK corporation tax’. And the newish executive chair of HMRC, one edward troup, is a former partner in a firm involved up to their necks in tax avoidance bollocks.

And still we get obfuscation and denial that they’ve ‘done anything wrong’, that it’s ‘all legal’, that ‘everyone’s at it’, that the kleptos pay more income tax than anyone else and so on. They’ll keep up the misinformation, the disinformation, the lying, the propaganda until it all blows over. And the ‘offshore tax havens’ will remain in all their tawdry, grubby, sleazy ways to ensure the kleptos keep their ill-gotten loot. Tax expert Nicholas Shaxson describes these obnoxious places as places where “You take your money elsewhere, to another country, to escape the rules and laws of the society in which you operate”.

So, as suggested on The Now Show, we the people deny them what they’ve avoided paying for, so we get the following scenario:

fire fighters turn up at a burning building, the ground floor is on fire. Firefighter asks for evidence that building’s owner has paid taxes which pay for the fire service. On being told they pay taxes in bermuda , firefighter gives telephone number for bermudan fire service who should be there in a week or two. This carries on through the companies owning floors above as the fire spreads and company representatives are given cards to the fire services in luxembourg, virgin islands and so on until eventually, the company on the top floor actually pays taxes in this country, their floor is hosed generously in water and the owners of non-tax paying companies on the lower floors of course experience a little ‘trickle down’.

Let’s start applying this principle throughout society, of course I’d start with private schools. So, for example, whenever these places hire a state educated teacher they have to pay the cost of said teacher’s training back to the state.

Maybe we follow the French with their ‘Nuit Debout’ protests: A protester holds a sign which reads ‘#Panama leaks, people, racketeering, that’s enough’ in Paris.

I’m off to set up a a little protest outside slaver drax’s estate.

Up the Foxes, and well done you Hotspurs soccer team beating the babylon.

And the current housing minister, one brandon lewis, has, yes you’ve guessed it, a private rental portfolio.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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