The Class Ceiling

Thank you Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett for providing me with the term ‘class ceiling’ as it captures much of what I’ve been banging on about for years now. Class is so ingrained in our society that most of us don’t really see it let alone understand  it and certainly don’t express much will to change it. If you can be bothered to say or do anything a whole array of responses from all classes come into play to keep you ‘in your place’. It saddens me; not so much the expected that comes from the ss, the silver spoon brigade, they just make me angry, but when others who are subjected to class discrimination behave in subservient ways and do the work of keeping you ‘in your place’. As Ms Coslett reports there are those who fatalistically talk about ‘the cards they’re dealt’ or ‘it’s the way it is’. There are those who behave like sickening lapdogs and do all they can to please their masters and mistresses, as if doing so they’ll get some crumbs of power or privilege. Yet others raise their eyebrows when anyone suggests that the class system might be very prevalent and very wrong, ‘you’re so boring Duncan’. There are others in denial who either do ‘OK’ in life or grab whatever they can of the titbits thrown our way such as a grammar school place for their kids or a bit of sky sport. There are others who’ll approve of those who’ve made it from ever so humble backgrounds and tell you to be like them.

And whilst we behave like this with each other the tts, the kleptos, the gilded ones carry on somewhat blithely in their primped and pampered world. Even when the curtain is temporarily drawn back such as with the Panama Papers and we see how our current prime minister has been provided with such privilege, power and wealth through being born to the upper echelons of our class system. That they behave with contemptuous impunity to the exposure of their thievery because they know that although there will be a slight chop in the water the class system will soon dampen things down. We don’t take to the streets like the French and their recent ‘Nuit Debord’, we vent at benefit scroungers and immigrants, vote ucrap, read the mail and the like, but mostly we turn inward and harm ourselves, self-mutilate by eating the shit we’re sold, stare endlessly at screens, take prozac, and support manufuckingnited.

We pay our taxes, do our best and hope for a better future for ourselves and our children but as long as we have our corrupted class system the kleptos will just carry on getting wealthier and entrenching the system for themselves and their children.

If only Kliban were alive today:

bkgofuck (1).gif

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “The Class Ceiling

  1. Very good Monbiot Neoliberal summary today. Sadly even the fairy tale Foxes have gone down the Financial Unfairplay route to get where they are today. Humble Hotspurs occupying unofficial Moral high ground.
    Harpo Marx x


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