Let’s declare UBI.

So Follow the Money finishes and the main baddy is got, but only as we learn that there’s a mainer baddy behind him. Much like the way the Panama Papers have been panning out with much focus on condom features and co and little focus or revelation on the bigger baddies.

Still we live in hope and such is supplied by the concept of UBI; unconditional basic income. Unconditional in that everyone, even the kleptos, get this income. The idea has been around a while but is actively being tested in different places around the world: I’ve mentioned Utrecht in Holland before and it’s spreading to other Dutch towns and the Swiss are having a referendum on it in June. Already there is evidence that it has a number of benefits such as reduced health problems, increased happiness, greater ‘aspiration’ and higher productivity. As automation and robots take over more jobs seems to make good sense to me, alongside reducing the working week and hours. Could have a proper ‘big society’. Stick it alongside all accumulated wealth being redistributed on death, because it is a tad unfair that some get such an unfair advantage in life by dint of being born into wealth. Ooh er something like a true meritocracy might evolve.

So Kate and I had our maiden voyage in our new vessel yesterday, an inflatable kayak. We drove to the nearby Studland Peninsula to paddle in Poole Harbour. We parked roadside, pumped it up pretty quickly then carried it over heathland to the water’s edge. The tide was beginning to come in but it was too shallow and we didn’t fancy walking in mud so we walked about a mile along the coastline before we found a suitable launch place. We managed to get in without too much mishap and began paddling.

Poole Harbour is second only to Sydney harbour in size and is subject to fairly strong tides. The wind was quite a strong southerly and the tide was flowing the opposite way so novice mariners like us were soon confused when our vessel didn’t behave as we expected. Kate was very brave, she is very fearful of the sea. We weren’t wearing lifejackets, probably not essential with depths of almost 3 feet all around (I know you can drown in a millimetre of water). After about 5 minutes of pretty random paddling I managed to get some idea of what was happening, but the tide had taken us a little way out and Kate was worried. We paddled back to shore and returned to the car. So we had paddled the kayak about 400 yards and carried it about 2 miles! But we learnt a great deal.

And taking kids off for a similar paddle would be of far greater benefit to them than much of what passes for ‘education’ in our country. The system is absolutely fucked, everyone get out on the strike on the 3rd May


And thanks to Alan Healey of Bishops Castle for the following: “The HMRC director general of enforcement and compliance claims, with obvious pride, that HMRC “have brought in more than £2bn in additional revenues from the richest 500,000 taxpayers over the last six years” (Letters, 15 April). For those less sad than I am, who haven’t done the sums, that works out at £666 a person each year. I’d get out more if only I could afford it, but it’s good to know that HMRC is on the case.”

See, more evidence that the tts are evil.

4ce32b01b01afbbb47d1d1ed34375342   Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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