Sign of the Times.

So I read how appalling it is to begin paragraphs and the like with words like so and anyway, and I’d like to add and. All 3 words I typically use. And I wonder why this is so? Who are these arbiters, these ‘gauleiters’? It has been argued that communism, fascism and other political creeds inevitably lead to conformity and a narrowing of thought and action and there is some validity to this. But we also live in times of conformity, and for the want of an overarching politics I’ll stick in ‘neoliberalism’, the supposed capitalist, ‘entrepeneurial’, let the ‘market’ rule dogma as our current political master. And all around me I see increasing conformity.

Perhaps this is why so many of us feel so sad with the apparently unprecedented series of deaths of so many creative folk: Prince, Bowie, Victoria Wood to name but three. They all came to the fore artistically before ‘neoliberalism’ and it’s acolytes got their grubby hands on the power and the loot. And now we have a world where money and kleptomania rule. We have an education system that is increasingly narrow, any creativity has been audited out and ‘education’ is not as it should be: the enlightening or ‘drawing out’ but more the utilitarian  “process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.” And much of it geared to how well an individual can do economically. But it is also the case that any of the three I mentioned would find it so much more difficult in today’s world to make their way. Our current artistic and cultural world is increasingly dominated by the privately educated, those lucky enough to have been born into wealthy families.

And kleptosorrel continues alongside his fellow ceo gang to steal so very much, which ultimately comes from the rest of us, the commonwealth that we create. It makes me so angry when these fuckers claim that it’s their ‘entrepeneurialism’, their ‘risk taking’ that makes them worth it.

Sadly much of the so-called eu debate centres on money, probably reflecting our age, and not stuff such as social well-being, education, culture and more.

Anyway, happy birthday Betty, 90 glorious years on benefits.

Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
2 get through this thing called life

such a shame that so few make life so hard for so many.

Still, off to the Bournemouth BIC next Tuesday for an event called JC4PM with Billy Bragg, other musicians, comedians and political folk. Should be fun, but i really want to take a tt with me. And do i really want to run for mayor?

Many years ago i went to a Prince concert. At one point he was on a large bed which was hoisted over the crowd. A bloke sat next to me put his hand on my knee and expressed the wish to be on the bed with Prince. I said “that’s nice” as I removed his hand.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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