Language lets us down.

A very interesting piece in Saturday’s review about medical writers which has fired my fancy to do some more research. It focuses on language and communication and how hard it is for patient and doctor alike. This “language gap” comes about because the patient doesn’t have the language to explain their problem, this leads to doctors failing to understand. Then doctors use language that patients don’t understand, either with regard to any diagnosis, or treatment or both. A litany of tests may elicit greater understanding but may also add to the confusion. What might lead to a better state of affairs is through something called ‘narrative medicine’, whereby patients tell their story of illness and doctors tell theirs to try and understand. Having used narrative for my masters research and been excited by my experience with the group after my treatment there is a distinct possibility of pursuing doctoral research in combining the two. Doctor Duncan eh? Shit, like Mr Angry I think titles a bit dodgy.

But not as dodgy as that supreme example of a klepto mr philip green who as the employees of BHS face being swindled out of their pensions awaits arrival of a boat worth £100m, and called boatymcpaidforoutofstolenpensionsface. The two may be connected and if so the fucker should be jailed.

I can’t believe I forgot to watch or even listen to the match today. Some might question my allegiance to the Leicester soccer team, yet, ever since Nobby Evans shimmied his way past bemused defenders and No-nonsense Nuttall made Norman ‘bite yer legs’ Hunter look like a vicar at a tea party I’ve been a Leicester Luvvie.  No matter, the mighty Foxes took another step towards the most unlikely premiership title ever today.

Well as ever it comes down to economics and I’ll be voting to remain as that will mean the exchange rate will be better and we’ll have more euros to spend on holiday. And could you in all honesty vote for leaving the EU when, after a ‘brexit’, negotiations may be led by the likes of boris bunter, gove, grayling, irretrievably dense shit all of whom have had stellar careers in leading government departments and London mayor.

Went to a wonderful pub in nearby Wareham on Saturday, The King’s Arms. Can’t believe I’ve lived in the area all these years and never been there. Kate and I said what a brilliant local that would be, but also very dangerous. We then went to the local cinema, an equally wonderful old style cinema that still has gas lights, only to find it closed for refurbishment. Soon determined that the film we’d come to see was being shown in the parish hall nearby. And what an absolutely wonderful film it was, a French comedy: La Famille Belier. Me and my soppy date were in floods of tears when the heroine sang the following:

Interesting how music moves us so much more easily than the language of words, but get them right together and the magic happens. Maybe patients and doctors could sing to each other?

And I was also moved to floods of tears when I saw a photo of myself. Not only am I cursed with a name that I share with an incredibly duplicitous shit but I also look like the drumf!


Still, off to JC4PM at Bournemouth BIC tonight, should be fun.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



One thought on “Language lets us down.

  1. Love the photo – so cool with your blonde locks. Loved the Louane clip too. I do love French films, as much as I despair over British films which seem to over-cater to the coolness of gayness. Noted your response to the Prince aficionado – get your fucking hand off my leg you homo! I think I have been to The King’s Arms – does it back out to the car park? There is also one on the river which is nice.: Glad you agree that titles are obnoxious and dangerous. A recent visit to Buchenwald confirmed my theory on this one. Agree that Phil Green is a nasty piece of work. I am surprised you have not commented yet on the Hillsborough verdict – an unusually positive result from our failed British Justice System. I see that twisted goblin T May is trying to cash in on it – what a hypocrite! As we know from David Graeber, this atrocity was effectively perpetrated by her idol Thatcher. Can we please now have Thatcher’s body exhumed, hanged, drawn and quartered and her head stuck on a pike on the ramparts of the Tower? The JD strike? I am starting to think they have lost the plot – I have not heard any of them articulate their case coherently yet. Maybe they are just so angry they cannot think straight anymore. Brexit? Don’t worry. If it happens it won’t be Bozo doing the negotiating – there probably won’t (need to) be any anyway. It might even be JC in the hot seat by then (Corbyn). From what I have heard on the arguments he is the only voice that has put forward a rational case for Remain, albeit with some caveats. All the others are spoofing nonsense. The intervention of Smarmy O’Barmy was frankly revolting and transparent, redolent of Tony Blair. We all know the EU will never be able to do a trade deal with the US. In any event ‘trade deals’ are only done to protect the rich and oppress the poor. The European Commission / Parliament is just another cabal of corruption; never given a clean audit, for obvious reasons. I believe Cunt Kinnock actually sacked the one person that tried to whistle blow this shit out of the water – Marta Andreasen. I am afraid that the tables are all filled with filthy vomit, as Isaiah might have said. Love to you both. Must catch up / meet up soon. AYM x


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