All hail the fantastic Foxes.

I’m afraid that at long last I am going to have to agree with all those tts, kleptos and the like that featherbedding and the pampering that goes with the benefit culture has created a society who expect something for nothing. Never having to live in the ‘real world’ has given so many the idea that they have no societal responsibility and that being a ‘benefit cheat’ is normal and, quite honestly, you’d be a fool to yourself if you didn’t do what everyone else was doing; when you live amongst a culture that thinks and behaves in a singular way it’s hard to think, let alone act, differently.

Such is the milieu that the tts, kleptos and the like swim in. Hence, it is shocking but not surprising to learn what mr and mrs green have done with BHS. That’s British Home Stores, because these people have no sense of proper pride in this country. The figures bandied around have a shocking symmetry in that green and his family have stolen about £500m from the company and this mirrors the £500m ‘deficit’ in the pension fund. Now the naughty boy that is mr green might lose his knighthood and may even have to be exposed to a ‘grilling’ by some mps. Compare this with the statutory treatment of those poor minions who commit ‘benefit fraud’, for sums far less than green stole (I know, he did at all ‘legally’ and it’s part of the corrupt kleptocracy) who have benefits stopped, are fined and ordered to pay back monies stolen and many are jailed.

But we live in a grossly unfair class-ridden society and the sons and daughters of the privileged wealthy are feather-bedded, live pampered lives and expect something for nothing. They do not live in the ‘real world’, have very little societal responsibility and you’d be an absolute fool to not do as others do.

And it takes 27 years for the truth of Hillsborough to finally shine the light on the class system and how it operates to perpetuate and protect itself. At the same time green will not face prosecution, will not go to jail even though he has stolen many millions and jeopardised thousands of workers futures. He’ll merely have to sit on the naughty chair a while.

If you haven’t seen it watch Line Of Duty for a contemporary drama that shines a dramatic light on the very shady.

And at least a seasonal light shines brightly on the 4 party state that has been the premier league. Those feisty Foxes have perpetrated one of the most remarkable sporting results for many a year.

Kate and I did a little time travelling at the weekend with a short trip to the Isle of Wight. Stayed at a hotel which had much on their walls about the various festivals from the late 60’s and early 70’s. When I asked the waiter about the possibility of playing some of that music instead of the distinctly martial music being piped around the place he told us he couldn’t and then went on about the thousands of pounds worth of damage caused by Amy Whitehouse and entourage on a visit a few years ago. The following day sat on the pavement enjoying a coffee in the sun, a woman walked by with her 3 children and everyone of them was looking avidly at their new books. A rare sight.

And with regard to the anti-semitic stuff being thrown at the Labour Party and Mr Jeremy in particular I do believe there has been some history of anti-semitism in left wing folk and groups, probably much as there has been in other political groupings. Strikes me though that much of it is being whipped up by ‘the establishment’ to try and further discredit Mr Jeremy and fling another ‘dead cat’ to distract.

And as state education descends into ever greater turmoil I’m with Prof. Bassey in proposing a commission into education to examine: 1, the demands of the national curriculum and it’s testing regime. 2, the unhappiness of children and teachers. 3, teacher workload and remuneration. 4, the role of LEA’s and school place provision. 5, the academy programme. 6, OFSTED. 7, proposals that education be led by a council of educators, parents, academics, business and professionals as well as politicians and their obsessions.

Cambian share price dropping again, why is the ceo still in place?


keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




One thought on “All hail the fantastic Foxes.

  1. Love it. Finally justice is restored after that dreadful treachery of 1485. I totally agree about pride in our country. It is a good thing and sadly lacking. National pride is different from patriotism. The former welcomes Johnny Foreigner and causes us to pick up litter off the streets. The latter is about thuggery (OK not a British word) and xenophobia. I have always thought the French have it right on this one.


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