I’m a Neanderthal man.

So, we had our now annual day of silliness on Saturday with a selection of stupid activities performed with reckless abandon by a group of late middle aged folk who do know better. Have to say that this time my game brought the most tears to my eyes as we swung large parsnips between our legs to move our balls.

As our English education system sinks ever more into our class-ridden bog (come on Mr Jeremy shine a little light to give us hope), the imperative becomes that we try and educate ourselves the more. And thank you angry young man, he’s not late middle aged at all, for nudging me to research a little about his 1485 reference. Sadly, historical knowledge and understanding is lacking with me. Anyway in 1485 our last English King, Richard the 3rd, was killed on Bosworth Field and Henry the 7th assumed the crown and he was a Tudor born in Wales. Subsequently we had the Scottish Stuarts and German Hanovers, before the French and various Normans and I’m sure some Roman blood seeped into the national blood bank along with the old Angles, Vikings, Jutes and Saxons and many other tribes after some original mingling with Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA. So we’re magnificent mongrels and it would be nice if the likes of the grinning gargoyle and other nationalists were properly appraised of our heritage and that more of us were educated about our lineage and that there’s lots of ‘black DNA’ in the Union Jack.

And Bosworth Field is very near Leicester, up the Foxes.

And well done to Mr Steve Clarke re-elected as a Green councillor in Bristol, see, we even have green in our make-up. And I heard on the radio this morning someone say what I am increasingly of the opinion of that local councillors should all be independent and that the tribal element with local elections be removed. I think that dear late middle-aged Steve might agree with me that he’s a sort of independent as he stands under the green banner which is not of the established political parties.

And we really do need to reclaim England from the class-ridden clutches of the coterie currently running down our benighted land. The tts have a 100 seat majority in Englandshire, in Scotland the left-leaning SNP, in Wales the left-leaning Labour party, and now in London the left-leaning Muslim son of a bus driver. And it is the English education system that is in most disarray, I wonder why?

And it was good to witness a lot of luvvies at last night’s BAFTA’s defend the BBC ‘cos the tts and kleptos want it destroyed. The barbarians have long been within and in power.

Let’s adopt I’m a Neanderthal man as our national anthem, which my self education taught me today was not a 10cc song but by Hotlegs, a precursor of 10cc, and we all know why they called themselves 10cc.

‘I’m a Neanderthal man
You’re a Neanderthal girl
Let’s make Neanderthal love
In this Neanderthal world’



Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

One thought on “I’m a Neanderthal man.

  1. fuck off ‘late middle aged’; I’m 36…

    Stephen Clarke


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