Oh the corruption…………………………………….

Well, made it to 59, which in my book is at least the autumn of my life and no number of saccharine sayings such as you’re as young as you feel, it’s only a number and the like can alter the fact that I’m an old git. Still, feeling quite chipper and wasn’t going to write a load of bollocks on my birthday but the sight of condom features going on about Afghanistan and Nigeria being ‘fantastically corrupt’ got the juices flowing. We are such a hypocritical country that our prime minister who is the beneficiary of a ‘fantastically corrupt’ class regime can say such things with no self-awareness at all. And to say it to madge the benefit cheat, the leader of our corrupt class system, has a certain je ne sais quoi.

And to use French links to a letter today that puts me straight on Richard the 3rd who was of Norman origin, which I did at least hint at, and that the last ‘English’ king was Harold Godwinson who got it in the eye and yet he was Anglo-Saxon and remind me where did the Angles and Saxons hail from?

I digress. Corruption. Which country is ‘responsible’ for so many of the world’s tax havens? In which city do so many kleptos launder their ill-gotten gains? To which companies and individuals do so many of the kleptos turn to for ‘advice’ on how to keep their loot? Answers: Britain, London and British. Of course in their expensively tailored suits and with their privately educated brains and accents these fuckers have the ‘confidence’ and audacity to carry on as if they are entitled and entirely deserving. And the likes of sorrel must be so envious in this fucked up world to learn how much hedge fund managers stole in the last year. A couple of Yankees top the list: kevin griffin and james simons each trousered $1.7 BILLION last year. Actually trousered is such an inapposite term as no expensive tailor could tailor pockets that big. The top Brit is one chris hohn who stole $300 million. He fronts a company he set up called the children’s investment fund management which then donated a massive 0.5% of assets a year to a charitable offshoot the children’s investment fund foundation which ‘helps children in poverty in ‘poor countries”. So, the circle is complete, this hohn fellow exploits the system to make incredible amounts of money, much of which will ultimately come from exploiting ‘third world countries’ and then makes himself look good by such charitable works. Oh and he’s an alumni of one of my universities, Southampton, so I’m guilty by association.

And to sew things up Nils Pratley in today’s financial column: “The hedge fund industry’s triumph has been to take it’s product into the investment mainstream while clinging on to the fee model that belongs in the age of bespoke tailoring”, in other words larceny on a grand old british scale.

650 (2)

….and ribbed for maximum pleasure, they really do fuck us over.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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