La Dolce Vita

What is this quintessence of dust? Old William would have had a field day with all the bollocks being spouted by all the politicians and others about the eu referendum. And which way would he vote? And he was lucky as he didn’t have to study Shakespeare at school (thanks Philomena Clunk). And guess who went to Stratford for their birthday and saw a brilliant production of Hamlet?

And unbidden I’ve just been updated to windows 10; you get used to certain ways of doing things and knowing where things are on one’s computer and then……………and at my age, I’m not the spring chicken that Steve still is.

Have been entering a ‘new phase’ in my life and I’m not sure what it is. Speaking with late middle-aged Hector yesterday and describing how going through process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery from treatment is relatively easy. Easy in terms of just getting on with and through treatment (painful and disturbing notwithstanding), but now at stage of working out what happened, what now and what in the future? And at my age? So we’re going to buy a cheap property in Italy, do it up and live La Dolce Vita. And I’ll have to find an Italian soccer team to support.

And I’m doing a load of bureaucratic bollocks for the selling of my unction, so as ever I procrastinate (there is no German word for procrastination).

I’ve always enjoyed the changing seasons, or at least noticed them and appreciated their annual rhythms. But it has been harder this year, part of my ‘new phase’ as it’s only in the last couple of weeks that most of the trees and bushes have burst into greenery and other plants really started growing. And this means that we only have the abundance of greenery for less than half the year and suddenly this isn’t enough for me, I want more hence Italy.

And I’m so tired of the ‘eu debate’, especially with the antics of the likes of bunter and the grinning gargoyle. The grinning gargoyle has the audacity to say that if the vote goes for ‘remain’ then there’ll need to be another referendum if the vote is close. So by this logic every election that is close will need to be rerun, let’s start with last year’s general election.

So after some mealy-mouthed words at last week’s ‘corruption conference’ the kleptos threaten to leave London if they have to reveal stuff. And we’ll really miss the greedy sociopaths won’t we? Why don’t they all just fuck off on a one way ticket on bransom’s rocket, with him at the helm of course.

And my respect for Jo Brand is raised when she states that one thing she’d like to do if in charge is the abolition of private schools. And apropos bunter’s very selective publishing of an air pollution report in London 2 years ago which revealed the alarmingly high levels of pollution near the predominantly poorer state schools the bridge crossing the Thames near his school eton was closed in 1970. Just think how much more stupid and unpleasant he’d be if it hadn’t been closed. Just watch this interview of bunter by Eddie Mair:

8zeJjGM (1)

Keep on keeping on, and ciao love Duncan.



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