The big johnson in the room.

Well, it will produce endless comment but the miserable marriage of moanrinho and man u is one of two unpleasant entities well suited to each other. I look forward to their hadean descent.

Another hadean descent I and I’m sure other sentient beings would like to see is boris bunter sliding down on his fat, duplicitous arse.

On Friday I joined a cross-party crew personing a stall at Swanage market promoting the ‘remain’ campaign. I say cross-party as, despite their almost total domination of local politics, the tts were conspicuous by their absence. Initially I was quiet, observing and listening to others more experienced in the art of engaging passers-by. I was pleasantly surprised by the number saying they supported remaining for typically noble reasons. Eventually I entered the fray and engaged in conversation with a woman who was for leaving after her experiences in Portugal and local corruption with eu money. I attempted to argue that the principles attempted by the eu (in this case improving communication and transport for all) were good but the corruption more of a ‘local issue’. The woman walked on soon after but was back a few minutes later and conversation resumed, she stated she’d still probably vote leave but at least we’d had a ‘civilised’ conversation.

I must admit though that my most consistent line of argument that developed for voting remain was that if the brexiters win what a future government might look like with the all too likely possibility that bunter’s putsch will leave him in charge. For me this is very legitimate politics of fear, I am very fearful of a johnson premiership. How apt that his name is slang for penis; he waves his around willy-nilly, his prick rules his head ……………….add more of your own.

Of course I am disillusioned that so many folk are still taken in by his charade, London and londoners have certainly paid a heavy price for succumbing to his snake oil, tousle-haired smarm. There was a brilliant essay in the latest New Statesman by one Brendan Simms, (president of the Project for a Democratic Union, which sounds good to me):

The tag for the essay:

“The Great Huckster: Boris Johnson’s reckless distortions of history

As a scholar of Churchill, Boris Johnson could have articulated a constructive vision for Britain and Europe. Instead, he wilfully manipulates and distorts the historical record.”

So, that became my schtick whilst doing my bit on the stall. And yet there is a powerful left-wing argument for not being in the eu as currently constituted, so maybe I should check out the Project for a Democratic Union:


  • The Project for Democratic Union (PDU) is a political think-tank which makes the case for a full political union of the Eurozone. We believe in a boldly democratic, unified Europe with a strong civil society and public sphere. Our activities range from running on- and offline campaigns to organising academic projects and enlisting contributors of all nationalities and professional backgrounds. Managed by a group of dedicated supporters, the PDU is primarily based in Munich and London and is currently engaged in setting up representations in Lisbon, Budapest, Brussels, Athens and elsewhere.

One person on the stall, a tall, silver haired liberal who’s name my chemo-addled brain can’t remember was very taken with my name, being  as it is so similar to one of the other demented brexiters; irretrievably dense shit. A few times when he was conversing with others he offered to introduce them to ‘Duncan Smith’ with a big grin on his face.

I also had a very enjoyable conversation with Avril who is Swanage’s only non-tt councillor.

And I really enjoyed responding to the entreatment to write a blog inspired by ‘sing’. Caused me to think a little wider. And it reached a few others who don’t normally read my bollocks, such as Marianne @ Along the Side of the Road who is interestingly an ‘extroverted introvert’.

And I’m beginning to get excited as we’re off to Dublin on Friday to see Mr Springsteen.

Must return to bunter johnson, this from zac goldsmith (failed tt mayoral candidate):

“He said: “Size is not everything but it is worth saying that Boris’ majority is very small. I apologise. It is very small, it is very small. I’m not talking about Boris’ Johnson, I’m talking about his majority, Boris’ majority is very, very small. 62,000 votes out of an electorate of 5.8m people, that is 1,000 swing voters in every borough in London.”

And thinking of current demagogues have you seen the drumf’s portrait by Illma Gore:


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



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