Baby we were born to run

Beneath the city two hearts beat

Soul engines running through a night so tender

I’m beginning to tingle, the hairs are rising and already I’m anticipating jumping (well, I say jumping at my late middle aged state) from my seat as Mr Bruce hits that first chord and spending the next 3 hours losing my voice down in Jungleland.

Mr Boss has for many years now been one of my major heroes, not only for his music but augmented by his politics. He supported our miners in their striking in the 80’s, and that seems like long ago. I, like many others, railed against ‘thatcherism’ and what since is clearly seen as the early days of ‘neoliberalism’. Now we have continuation of the ‘project’ in the form of condom and s&m’s ‘austerity bollocks’ and the unalloyed transfer of wealth from most of us to the kleptos.

Last year we had the biggest flogging off of public assets in British history. It’s called ‘privatisation’ and simply means that what was owned in the ‘public interest’ is now subject to private wealth extraction;

There is more to come soon with the ‘asset stripping’of “high value” council housing, other local authority land and property, Channel 4, air traffic control and the Land Registry.And yet studies increasingly show that there is no significant difference in efficiency between public and private enterprises. And, as in the case of the land registry, a recent study has shown how whilst there is an initial boost to the public coffers with monies from the sale it’s soon swamped by what is lost and we pay so much more, and not just financially. And the land registry provides us with such an abiding metaphor for it all as common ownership of an entity that shows us who owns what is suddenly shrouded in secrecy so we don’t know who owns what unless we pay lots or are a member of the club.

Anyway, I’m going to spend all too short a while with Bruce and be elevated above all the class crap.

‘Cos baby I was born to run, or at least hobble quite quickly.

Bruce Springsteen File Photos

Bruce Springsteen 1975 (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


One thought on “Baby we were born to run

  1. Excellent stuff from Varoufakis today on Andrew Marr. He made the only cogent case I have heard so far in favour of ‘Remain’. He recognises that the EU is fucked. However, if Britain leaves then the EU will self destruct and this will result in a vortex of chaos. He thinks it will be better if we work together to force the EU to reform. He regretted the fact that TB was on the Remain campaign – having him on your side is like ‘a glass of poison’. He also said that the best outcome of the Chilcot enquiry would not be for TB to be prosecuted but for him to be simply forgotten about and regarded with the contempt he deserves. Glad to see Paul Simon is still a VERY angry young man:


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