When I’m out on the street.

Very much agree with you angry young man, who isn’t anywhere near late middle-age, as Mr Varoufakis is one of the few who make a cogently argued case about the referendum. Although I also liked Irvine Welsh’s rant saying that either way it’ll be dodgy ‘elites’ screwing the populace. But evidence of the busted flush that is neoliberal capitalism racks up, even that bastion of capitalism the IMF is admitting that it hasn’t delivered significant economic growth, excepting the kleptos looting. In the UK the share going to the workers is at it’s lowest for over 70 years which is pretty much the case for the rest of the world. Danger is, of course, that the pissed off workers turn to ‘anti-establishment’ demagogues like drumf and bunter.

Still, at least we went to Mr Springsteen’s Dublin concert that didn’t have nobo there. We were amongst 80,000 folk in a very large stadium (Croke Park), high up and at the far end from the stage. The sound was loud but pretty poor and I was getting a little frustrated, especially as people were coming and going almost constantly, why couldn’t they stay put. In the end I too joined the coming and going to get more Guinness and was in a long queue when Bruce started the haunting, plaintive harmonica of The River. The queue rapidly diminished allowing me to get the drinks quicker but I still caught most of the song. The sound seemed to have improved and as darkness fell over the northern edge of Dublin town Springsteen’s magic spread throughout the stadium and yet again he managed to make an enormous stadium seem like a small, almost intimate dance hall. Now everyone was on their feet a dancin’, a shoutin’, a hollerin’ and a singing.

It was Kate’s first time at a Bruuuuuuuce concert and wants to go to another and be in the mosh pit at the front, so do I before I and Bruce get too old. The following day we were sat atop a city tour bus when Alison suddenly became very animated, the bus had stopped outside a hotel and Bruce was right there, going down some steps to get into his limo. I instinctively bawled out “when I’m out on the street”, Alison managed to get a couple of photos and we all were very happy, including Bruce.

We liked Dublin and we I liked Jono the taxi driver who took us back to the airport as he called bono a knob, they both grew up in the same area and apparently his uncle’s band, Aslan, were much better than u2.

Maybe there was some truth in the claims about Sadiq Khan sharing platforms with dodgy people as I saw a photo of him with condom cameron.

Did my first selling of unction at a local fete this week, went pretty well apart from when one woman when I put a little sample on her finger immediately put it in her mouth! Have already amended info. board and added “not for eatin’, just skin treatin” as I like to keep down with the kids, much like Bruce really.


Bruce and Jake Clemons, Clarence’s son, at Croke Park.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “When I’m out on the street.

  1. Hi Duncan,
    Just saw Bruce at Wembley last night. It was fab. We too up quite high up at the back and the sound was not the best. My friend Nick (you may remember him) was in the pit quite near the front but had been queuing for hours in hot sun to get the position. Loved it all though.Ears still recovering but he certainly gives you a boost – and at least you get your money’s worth as his set is so long. We stayed till the very end and then getting back to Oxford was a bit of a nightmare as there were so many people – but mostly good natured.
    Great that you saw him in Dublin from the bus!


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