Love trumps hate.

As I was listening to the news about the latest and largest mass shooting in America one local interviewed said “love trumps hate”.  When I think about these lovely three little words they begin to coalesce into a phrase that can encapsulate so much. Initially putting the odious drumf in his place, preferably a deep, dark and soundproof place. He tweeted: “Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace!”

Apart from there not being any evidence yet of any radical islamic terrorism link how does drumf explain the many other mass shootings in America? Sadly the oaf hasn’t the wit to understand that his simplistic demagoguery is probably now a causative factor. Or maybe he does which…………..

And I think ‘love trumps hate’ could be a useful maxim for the interminable referendum debate. As the brexiters seem to gain ground with their relentless focus on immigration and fuelling people’s fear of ‘the other’ a simple rejoinder, a reflective “love trumps hate” mantra could work restoratively. Fuck me Duncan, you’re turning into some sort of evangelical!

And my newly found evangelical fervour is being put to good use with my unction stall as I sell my unction like some American ‘wild’west snake oil salesman. Must say that after having a couple of ‘business’ meetings last week I quite enjoyed swimming in the capitalist cesspit. Just must remember to use breast stroke to clear as much shit out of the way as I can.

Met up with David and Mark last week as David’s a little under the weather. Despite his current state he’s lost none of his fervour and I did like his observation that it is her majesty’s revenue and customs but it is a national debt.

And as for Hector, well we were watching England play Russia and after Dier’s stupendous goal Hector said he felt confident that England would hold onto their lead. I do so love our very English confidence. And yet the Aussie Mr Jones is giving the rugger buggers a healthy dose of confidence, so good to see them beat the cheating Aussies in their back yard. Those Aussies will be pulling all sorts of stunts next Saturday.

And the theft continues, now it’s the kleptos inchief at berkely and persimmon housebuilders. One wonders what those who actually built the houses received? We really do live in an absolutely corrupt time as this kleptomania is ‘legal’, it’s just that the whole system is corrupt. We need a ‘new’ economics, perhaps something like Paul Mason suggests: “So, if you want to prevent wealth flowing from productive people to the elite, you have to restructure the economy. You have to stop believing £24m annual paydays are the result of an accident. You have to make property speculation a crime and pursue policies that can suppress boom and bust, whether it is in the property market, the stock market or any other market.” Still, it’ll all be sorted when the likes of bunter and the grinning gargoyle get their podgy little hands on the levers of power. Oh happy days.

Time for a Kliban.


keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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