Private education nurtures our kleptos.

Multi-tasking right now as I write and listen to klepto green answer far too gentle and less than incisive questioning until a Mr Graham, tory mp, begins to ruffle green’s tanned plumage. But even with the harder questions green uses the brilliant defence that he didn’t know, wasn’t there or it was someone else’s responsibility. How could he, a mere ceo, possibly know about the trifling details associated with such a trifling thing as his workers’ pension. He’s got his own pension to sort, far more important. As Owen Jones and many more observe kleptos like green aren’t doing anything illegal, witness the way he arrogantly dismissed any questions or observations of his living as a tax exile in monaco. And despite his tanned barrow-boy looks he did go to a private school. Now there’s a question for study: does private education produce a higher proportion of amoral, sociopathic criminals? I mean, it is more nurture than nature.

Glad to see that the legal company employed by various education authorities to ensure that families of children with ‘special needs’ don’t get the support and education they need has had it’s services dropped by some authorities. The company, baker small, operate in a ‘niche’ area of law representing local authorities against parents desperately trying to get the help their children need. Part of my last teaching job involved assessing children for the school and I came across a number of these families and it was heart-rending to witness their distress in the face of an inhumane bureaucracy. The adversarial nature of the system is at it’s heart and allows companies like baker small to extract money from the public purse. A simpler, more humane and fairer system is needed. And, of course, money is also a key driver as public services are further cut by the tts. kleptos like green would never find themselves in such a desperate situation with their children.

A brilliant rant by Michelle Hansen a couple of days ago:

Read it and weep.

My daughter,Grace, has expressed an interest in teaching, has applied to university and  I think she’d be a good teacher. I’ve had to really bite my tongue as I would not choose to go into teaching now as it is as Michelle describes. And having a chief inspector such as the privately educated spielman will probably keep education on it’s ever downward spiral.

I feel too sad to carry on writing, instead will direct my anger into forming a campaign to rid ourselves of the cancer of private education.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.





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