Took a very old woman called Nan, she’s 100 this year, to the dentist today. Took less time than my first trip with her as we manoeuvred her aged body into and out of the car more efficiently. Despite her bodily frailty her mind and voice are still in good order. She told me how she was bothered by the nature of the debate around the referendum. I asked which way she was going to vote and she told me she’d already voted and was bothered. Our local tt mp, slaver drax, had visited her sheltered housing to talk to the residents and give out pro-brexit literature and because that was all she had received she followed his coercion and voted to leave. She now regrets it and is concerned that if the brexiters win by 1 vote it will be her fault. I assured her, much as I reassured Hector last night, that remain would win the vote.

After dropping Nan off I pondered what the slaverman had done and felt some antipathy towards him as he’d imposed himself on vulnerable people and presented a very biased picture. Is this right that our parliamentary representative behaves in such a way? I heard recently from a reliable source that he has flirted with joining ucrap, one can only hope that after the referendum he will fuck off.

I am acutely aware that my tone might be deemed inflammatory, that is such an apposite descriptor.


And he said it on my birthday.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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