It’s 2.35 a.m. and I’ve gone through a number of emotions already, starting with a rather arrogant confidence soon punctured by early results and watching the odds for remain and the pound plummet. A hefty leave lead depressing me but Lambeth and Wandsworth both turned the tide and currently remain are leading.

And now it’s 10.32 a.m. and ‘independence day’ is here and the grinning gargoyle calls all those who voted remain unreal, extraordinary and indecent. And he calls it independence day for the UK, which it will be as Ireland unites and leaves along with Scotland.

And all will be well when bunter and duck face gove take the reins and all the poor folk who think all their troubles will be sorted and their lives made better!

Little do the little englanders know what they’ve done says me from my big fucking ivory tower.

Even felt a little sad for condom features but he brought it on himself.

Here’s to an Iceland Ireland final in the soccer.

I’ve used it before but only a Kliban will do for me now:

bksentence (1)

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS I think bunter is beginning to realise what he’s done or is it just my fevered sleep-deprived brain.



2 thoughts on “Indefuckingpendence.

  1. Well I am amazed and apologise for my woefully incorrect prophecy! It is a little bit sad, but I think a reflection on the failures of the EU itself rather than any of the vile campaigning. It would be too easy to say that the thick northerners have been duped. I actually don’t think the voters were duped at all. If any of the kleptos had any influence at all on the voters then I guess it would have been that ‘glass of poison’ TB. There could have been a positive case made for the EU but no-one made it, apart from Jeremy a little bit and with caveats – too honest he is. Trouble is the EU is in a horrible mess and has made itself unsaleable. Listening to Merkel and others it is obvious they cannot ‘see’ what the problems really are. I suspect Yanis is right and this will spell the end of the grand experiment – they just went too far with it like Louis XIV … and then the people revolted.


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