great eh?

As I’m sure many think last night’s soccer result is the icing on the great british cake. From birth we’re infused with this idea that we’re ‘great’, it’s even part of our bleedin’ name. Which other country includes such a term in it’s moniker? And so many times in the so-called referendum debate was heard the refrain “make britain great again”. We’re a relatively small island just off the European continent and we’ve just been beaten by a much smaller island.

And another definition of great is: “the honours course in classics, philosophy, and ancient history at Oxford University” and just remind me who makes great play of his learning on just this course? Why bunter of course, and like me he got an ordinary lower second class degree.

As in so many things, not just soccer and politics, our inadequacy and underachievement results from inadequate management and this, I believe, is a consequence of our class system. The sooner more people understand this and we sort it properly the sooner we can make this benighted country a green and pleasant land.

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Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


6 thoughts on “great eh?

  1. Well it seems most Labour MPs are pure sewage and need to be washed down the toilet. Uuurgh utter treacherous post Blair filth! They are also obscenely ignorant beyond belief in that they don’t understand what ‘leadership’ actually is (it is NOT ranting and fanatical lying, fomenting racism and violence as employed by both Leave and Remain campaigns) and they don’t understand what ‘democracy’ is. Hodge and Benn, I never want to set eyes on the cunts again. The stocks and the Tower are too good for them. PS there is no shame in a 2:2 as long as it’s not in a subject like Ceramics or Pure Maths.


    1. Couldn’t have articulated it better my friend, they are so very stupid and of course the media lap it up. It is a symbiosis of the worst kind. And I love the Icelandic chant, a bit seal like but you can easily imagine the Vikings going into battle.


  2. PPS You already predicted an Iceland win so is it not slightly hypocritical now to make capital out of this rather predictable result? Lots to say about this. Plus lots of other interesting stuff including Nicola’s vulgar blowing of her trumpet.


  3. All these pompous cunts saying Jeremy is not electable when he was elected and they weren’t makes me want to puke. And what about Condom’s intervention – chip on the shoulder, eh? And that corrupt Tessa Jowell now gets involved as well. And can someone please apply a humane lethal mercy instrument to that cunt of cunts Theresa May. And Ken Livingstone who now reveals as a cunt as well. It seems that, in the words of Derek (and Clive), they’re all cunts out there!


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