Waiting On A Sunny Day.

Not written anything for a little while, maybe I’ve just been overwhelmed by the amount of stuff happening. My fevered little brain can’t cope with the overload of it all. Good job we’re off on holiday to Rhodes for a couple of weeks.

Just listening to crusader bliar and it briefly crosses my mind that now knowing what he helped unleash there would have been a case for forceful change of his regime, and he definitely had weapons of mass destruction. With our knowledge of historical precedent there may well also be a case for removal of drumf, last year trump claimed that the world would be a better place if saddam and gaddafi were still alive as they knew how to sort out terrorists. It’s a mad world.

We don’t seem to learn; then crusader bliar took us to war based on dubious information and now we leave the European Union based on dubious information.

And the Welsh dream slipped away last night but it gives the dear old Portuguese a chance at last to contest a final, they came close in 1966.

And poor djokovic, having to play on a lesser court led to his demise.

Took Grace to look around Bath Spa University and I was blown away, it is easily the most beautiful university I’ve ever seen. So, such is modern life, I google to see how it rates with others. A futile exercise as it’s very subjective, which is OK, I just know that I had a very lovely experience wandering round with my lovely daughter.

And it’s local pub is called The Globe which is the name of our local. And whilst there last night Hector mentioned an article he’d read about what a wonderful experience it is to be at a Springsteen concert. We then tried to dissect why this is so. And the wonderful serendipity of googling, which I suppose we should celebrate now before the algorithms get so good that we’re channeled exactly the way they want us to be channeled, and whilst looking for confirmation of my feelings about Bath Spa I came across this:

Which I very subjectively think captures why Bruce is the greatest live popular musician. I’m crying now as this is such a beautiful antidote to all the other bollocks in the world. We’re off for some sunny days in Rhodes, Kate most of all deserves some sunny days.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



One thought on “Waiting On A Sunny Day.

  1. I think the Joker lost because Dr Becker got his dosage wrong. It is noteworthy that Murray has won every SET of tennis he has ever played against the Joker on grass. Could that be why Becker felt the need to experiment with the dosages? In any event the world (of Wimbledon) is a better place without the gruesome couple.
    On another note, I was quite interested in the marking of the 100 year anniversary of the Somme and could not help wondering if it is not about time for a Chilcot style enquiry into WWI. It was a much bigger affair than the the Iraq debacle and did a lot more damage. I suspect that if Britain had not entered WWI then Hitler and WWII would never have happened. If so, then instead of expressing our gratitude to all the ‘fallen’ of WWI we should surely use the anniversary to express our bitter ANGER at them and their leaders.


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